my monthly books recap: april 10

Written by Darlyn At Monday, May 03, 2010
It's this day again. The day I'm summarized how many books I managed to read in April 10. Last month was a big achievement for me as I really managed to read 12 books. However, this time is not going to be the same. Well you know, April won't be my lucky month. *LOL*

Here's the list of books I've read last month;

1) Frostbite by Richelle Mead
2) Not Another New Year's by Chrissie Ridgway
3) One Child by Torey Hayden
4) Succubus in The City by Nina Harper
5) Vampire Blood Trilogy by Darren Shan
6) Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
7) Country Brides by Debbie Macomber

So far I've read 35 books this year and pretty OK with it since I'm not really a fast reader these past few months. Let's say that I'm proud of myself at least a little. *LOL*

Even though I lacked of books read, I'm so happy that April is my lucky month to win some giveaways and contests. I've never win anything before because I never try. Somehow there was a few days that I'm so full of efforts to tweet and participate in a few contests and luckily I got my Lucky Clover in the end. Thanks for the hosts and I'm so delighted. It feels awesome! I think each of you had at least once of winning in contest and giveaways right? How do you feel when you received of email telling you that you just won? Woo-Hoo! I'm telling you mine, I was dancing and rapping. Haha.

What about you? How was your April guys? Better? I will be glad to know about your monthly wrap-up. Leave a link or comment and I'll visit you too. I'm looking of what books to read soon. Maybe you will help me choose when I read your list.

Hopefully that May will be great! Maybe because this month is my birthday month! Woo-hoo!

Happy Reading everybody!


  1. 45 books is great! That's a lot! :) May will be way better than April, I mean always look on the bright side of life. :) Enjoy this week!

  2. 45 books, that's awesome, you've done so well! I think I'm only on 20 books for the year LOL
    Hope May is a wonderful month for you :-)

  3. 45 books is awesome!!! thanks for following me.. I am now a follower of yours as well.. and of course now im off to read your review of frostbite and blue moon.. i am sooo wanting to read these.

  4. @ Nina: Thanks!Yup,look at the bright side =)

    @ Teddyree: Thanks so much.Hope May will be fantastic for you too =)

    @ Star Shadow: Thank you.I'm so delighted =)

  5. 45 books this year - that's very good! I think I've read something along those lines too!
    Congrats on your contest wins! It's always so fun to win contests! :D

  6. dArLyn, you are going so well for the year, I'm on 40 and I'm pretty happy with that. I enjoyed Blue Moon and Frostbite and enjoyed them. Congratulations on your wins and thanks for linking up to my blog. Hope May is another great month for you!

  7. Wow, congrats! 45 is outstanding! I have not reached 40 yet. Now maybe that my semester at school is almost done I will. I am so happy to hear you won some contests! How lucky! :) And happy birthday month! Woohoo!!


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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