not another new year's by chrissie ridgway

Written by Darlyn At Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Title: Not Another New Year's
Chrissie Ridgway

Summary (Goodreads):

After all, this year brought Hannah Davis nothing but the memory of her wandering fiancé marrying someone else behind her back. Now, sitting alone at a bar in Coronado, California, on December 31, she decides to do something radical and lets a brooding good-looker take her to bed. But when a hysterical woman bursts into their room much too early on New Year's Day, Hannah realizes this guy's more complicated than she thought.

Ex-Secret Service Agent Tanner Hart screwed up, big-time! Hoping to temporarily boot some of the ghosts from his life, he hooked up with this sexy stranger for a hot one-night stand—only to discover she's the woman he's agreed to protect, from men just like him!

But a new year is a time for fresh beginnings. Despite the danger, the hoopla, and the hangovers, if Hannah's brave enough to risk her heart again—and Tanner's wise enough to realize he deserves it—maybe this one will be different.

My Thought:

So, it's another romance genre again that I picked up to read. Well, obviously it was a good read. This one is totally cute, fun and a bit funny to put it all together. I love the scenery made for the storyline which in Coronado (I never know what it would be like), but the sound of beach and ocean is always a good choice!

Hannah is a quite a Miss Prissy and always love to please everyone. Her mom, dad, family, everyone. Which ends up the way she lived back stabbed her later on. How she's being dumped by her former fiancee' after he's already dead. There's a mystery though that kept her from move on. She has t find Caroline which is not important enough for me to know about her when there's only a slight explanation of why Caroline involved in her live. Mystery? Yes, but not that intriguing enough to make me wonders. Well on the other hand, Tanner is such a hot guy, and I can accept that as I always see any Secret Service Agent as a hot and neat man. Tanner's included. A fling between them is very sweet and also romantic which differences could be the best things that complete them each other.

Hannah and Tanner really made a good story but the secondary romance of his brother Troy and Disiree is quite compelling. Or maybe even better than the primary characters. The only thing that I feel disappointed with the book was how in ended. Like a straightforward and a statement full stop. End. Just like that. I wish there's an epilogue like they're married or something nice.

Overall, the book is a good mixture, mix and match of some funny, light, romance and action which lighten up the book. As I would conclude it is a fast pace, quick and heart warming read. I also just knew that Not Another New Years is actually a sequel to Must Love Mistletoe, and they said it's a bestseller so I don't know how interesting it would be but at the same time, really want to read it. And oh yes, I'll recommend everyone to read this. Whoever like any romance type of a book.


  1. Lol I actually grew up in San Diego and Coronado is one of my favorite hangout spots. Most likely, though, a girl would end up with a military man if she was at a bar there...Coronado is crawling with guys in the Navy and SEALS! Sounds like a cute book, glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Darlyn, you are the reason why my wish list keep growing...hahaha!!! nice review...!!

  3. what a cute cover :) great review as always darlyn--i totally get you about endings. i don't really like the open ended stuff and i like epilogue that clearly shows the happily ever after.

  4. I really love the way this sounds! Seems funny and cute!

  5. Love the synopsis - this book sounds really good!! Great review!

  6. That does sound like a cute book and I just love the cover!

  7. It looks and sounds so fun and light! A great romance. Sorry about the ending!

  8. Certainly sound like a fun a light read. Perhaps it is great choice when we are too muddle in way too serious stuffs lately, eh?


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