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Written by Darlyn At Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Title: Blood War Trilogy (The Saga of Darren Shan #1)
Author: Darren Shan
Pages: 511
Rating: 5/5

My Own Summary (**Mind you the spoiler!**):

It first started with Cirque Du Freak, where Darren and his best friend went to watch a freak show performance in an old theater. I love everything Darren portrayed about everyone in the freak show. It was awesome and I'm awed. The characters are wonderful even the bad one. But wait, in the first installment, Mr. Crespley is kind of the bad guy. Darren is a good kid with his loving family, adorable sister, Annie. But, worst thing happened as Steve was stung by Madam Octa (like a tarantula spider, deadly poisonous). Darren was scared, and he made a deal with Mr. Crespley to be his vampire assistant in order to save Steve.

You should read it to know how he faked his death and all to vanish from his family and this world. It is so believable!

The second one, The Vampire Assistant, continuing the journey of Darren as a half-vampire. He was so bored with his new life and he was sad not to able make friends with normal kids. He tends to hurt them even he doesn't mean it. I felt so sorry for him. Well, it's a bit sad you know. Then Mr. Crespley asked whether he would like to join the Cirque Du Freak. They joined them and Darren was so happy when Mr. Crespley asked him afterward about how he's doing, Darren answered; "I made a friend". Simple sentence, but hell yes I love the feeling of a happy kid. He befriended with Evra Von, a snake boy and he's a nice young boy too. And afterward, they made another good friend, Sam and even a bad one too. This installment is a quest of how Darren become a full vampire. Before, he insisted not to drink human blood and only survive on animals blood only. Eventually, he has to drink human blood in order to live. Darren did. He drained his best friend blood Sam at the end of the second book. Don't get him wrong. Sam nearly died after being half eaten by the wolf-man and he has to do that so he could restore the memory and Sam's good life in him. If not, Sam would be a ghost, wandering around without being able to cross to the other world; heaven.

The last installment of the saga is Tunnels of Blood. Up until now, Darren and Mr. Crespley are not in a very good term. Darren confused, as he always thinking about to kill Mr. Crespley while he was sleeping. he talked to Evra about this a lot when the followed Mr. Crespley for his work. Both Evra and Darren played, made a girlfriend, shopping, meeting people and have loads of fun together. And, made an enemy; Mr. Crespley himself. A few dead bodies, blood drained empty found around the city. The worst part, Mr. Crespley is the killer. Evra and Darren planned to follow and take actions to kill him when the right time comes. Which in the end, they were nearly be killed by a vampenenze. Sounds like a chimpanzee though. *LOL*. The truth came out, the vampenenze is the one building a nest of blood tunnels under the city. Yup. Spooky and scary. So, it ends up Mr. Crespley and Darren made a truce. They will trust each other onwards.

My Thought:

Superb!! I totally love the first three series of The Darren Shan Saga a.k.a. Vampire Blood. What I like the most is that the author is Darren Shan himself. Well, maybe it is the twist of his own life journal but I found it rather amusing and a bit neat.

There are few interesting facts about vampires in the series.

1) Vampires are immortals. But they don't live forever as they will die eventually. Vampire's aging 1 year in 10 years of human world. So I guess if I'm 100, then he's only 10. Wow. While half-vamp is 1 in 5 human years.

2) Vampire don't have fangs. Face the truth people. They only slit the throat open with their nail and sucked the blood in a small dose in order to survive.

3) They can and they have to eat regular human food to survive. A vampire that live only on blood are vampenenze and they slaughtered the victims. But, they are loyal and can be trusted. Keep their promise more than anything.

4) Cirque Du Freak has incredible people. I wish I could watch it my self. =)

That is actually some of awesome facts I found.
In this book, I didn't see any spectacular writing, the thing that drew me in was the plot. The whole thing was near perfect. However, I just love it as it is now. If I were 15, this would be my best read EVER for this year! I love Harry Potter and I love Darren Shan too!I never read Percy Jackson yet, but i know I will collect this series. I know my review doesn't give much this time because I love the book. I am not a horror book fan but this one is different.

I give this book 5 stars because of it's incredible imagination. Also, there's some cool actions from the characters. I highly recommend this book to any person who loves a good vampire story.
And whoever love Harry Potter, R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike!

I also found a few blogger who already read this and I think their review are better than mine. Check them out! If you also have read this, I would glad to know what your reviews. Leave a link =)

Wondrous Reads: Cirque Du Freak
YA Vampire Books: The Vampire Assistant, Tunnel of Blood

p/s: I didn't watch the movie yet. Did you guys ever watch it? Is it fun?


  1. Oooh! Very interesting =) I've this books but haven't yet read any. However, I've watched the movie few months ago and I thought it was amazing. I think it covers the first 2 books in the series, but do correct me if I'm wrong. I think you should watch it. The Cirque du Freak people are indeed creepy! *lol*

  2. Great review, darlyn! This series sounds really good! I haven't seen the movie or read the books yet.

  3. @ Shy: jealous! I didnt know about the movie until one of my friend told me so.Yeah, the freak people are freak.even in the book!

    @ Carrie: Thanks!Hope you will read it too soon!

  4. Cool. I need to read these. I saw the film and really liked it.

    I was however sad to learn Monkey Girl is only in the films. I really liked her.

  5. @ Juju: Wow! Monkey girl? I think I need to find the DVD. *LOL*

  6. I saw the movie The Vampires Assistant and loved it, but haven't read the books.

    Great review!

  7. Haha, I think that your review is much better than mine, I'm so negative :P
    Thanks for linking to my reviews! :)

  8. I'm not willing to accept that vampires don't have fangs...

  9. can someone help
    i recently purchased this book from amazon and the very last page has been torn so im missing the final two paragraphs.
    If anyone can help please let me know

  10. Oh, I've only read Cirque, but I loved it, and can't wait for summer to catch up on the rest of the series. I love the different take on vampires. And unfortunately, I missed the movie in the cinema, but I know I had the DVD around here somewhere...

    Great review :)


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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