succubus in the city by nina harper

Written by Darlyn At Friday, April 23, 2010
Title: Succubus In The City (#1)
Author: Nina Harper
Pages: 400
Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis (Goodreads):


Working for Satan is a hot gig. The Devil really does wear Prada, and Lily can sport all the dazzling fashion she desires, eat all the fabulous food she craves, and hang for all eternity with her three demon girlfriends. But serving up bad boys to the fiery pits of Hell is just getting, lonely. Lily gives the jerks, the creeps, and the liars the best (and last) night of their lives, but she’s tired of waking up to a pile of ashes. She wants a guy who will stick around.


Nathan Coleman is a devilishly handsome, laid-back P.I. who wants to ask Lily a few questions about a missing man. But someone–or something–wants Lily and her friends dead, and Nathan seems to know more than he’ll admit to. Can a sweet-talking mortal and a girl from Hell find true love?

My Thought:

Hmm.. I don't now how to put it nicely. I just finished reading it and I thought it was predictable but actually everything was twisted another way round when what I'd expected doesn't seem to match. This rather be a short review of mine since I don't anything of which if I like or dislike it. Maybe the book is just a so-so for me.

Everything was pretty subtle. It was a fast read and quite entertaining. Actually I was amazed of how a demon works like any other normal people in a daily basis. Wow. Demons live among us, no wonder there's so many bad people around. However, instead of ruining or wreck people's live, Lily's work is only delivers jerks a.k.a bad guys while having sex. I know it sounds gross but there's no erotica scenes in the book. It was done nicely and I kind of like of how Nina Harper managed to make it moderate. I mean, it's OK for everyone to read it. Some said the book similar with Sex and the City but I never read it.

As I read the book, I kept imagining Elizabeth Hurley and Brandon Fraser (oh he so cute!) in Bedazzled. But there's nothing in common. Just imagine that demon traps people to sell their souls and sign contract to hell. There are a few interesting demons like sex demon, greed demon, jealousy demon etc. If you have any of that feeling, then it's because demon is near you. So you are totally not the one to blame. But that's not the point. She's a demon and of course she's lonely when every man dates her become ashes afterward. When she met Nathan, well, it's predictable right? I thought Nathan will be the one who will release Lily being a demon and be her one true love. NO. Nathan freaked out! He's ok at first, but he NEEDS TIME to think. That being said, it's twisted right? The end of it, is quite weird.

The only flaw I I found in the book was the mysterious of Demons Hater @ Knight Defender is quite cliff hanging. It doesn't relate between Lily's being lonely and not turning her man into ashes. Maybe I'll find out in the second book, Succubus Takes Manhattan. Weird thing is, I never know about the 3rd installment. Anyone knows about it?

Well, overall, it is still a nice read and I quite enjoyed it. =)


  1. hi darlyn!! :)

    i know exactly what you mean by not knowing if you like a book or not after you read it. i get that sometimes too. hmm... i've never heard of this author and i haven't read any books with a succubus as a main character yet but i'll be coming back to check out your review of the second book. thanks for a heads up on this book and author and great review as always!!

  2. Great review. You go girl!
    I love how it reminded you of Bedazzled. That made me smile.

    PS I don't think you're ever mean ;)

  3. @ Chelleyreads: thanks michelle!i was thinking maybe i'm the only person who doesn't get the feeling of how books can give you some feeling. i'm hoping to find the 3rd one but never succeed. *LOL*

    @ Juju: are being so nice Juju!Like always.. {{Hugs}}

  4. Hi Darlyn. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm following you now. Looking forward to your future posts! Cheers!

  5. Great review for such a okay book. :)
    The description sounds great, I never heard of it before. :)

  6. Awww, I'm sorry that you didn't like this one more! Thanks for the honest review!!

  7. i really like your review of this book! even though it sounds like one that's just so-so for you; i might actually pick it up and read it! just because it was entertaining ~ i'm not a huge vampire book person and if it's somewhat entertaining for you then maybe i'll find it enjoyable (i hope!)

  8. Funny how I have no desire at all to read this one. I've seen it in the bookstore but just not interested. Great review, though, Darlyn. :)


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