happy new year (and some resolutions behind it..)

Written by Darlyn At Thursday, December 31, 2009 10 bookish peeps...

just browsing to other book's bloggers and found out Kristen's post about new year resolutions..i guess i don't have many since last year resolutions i didn't really manage to achieve..i guess being a postgraduate student really makes me stuck up with piles of assignments, lab works, reading journals and trying to write scientific papers..

however, i think i still have a little gateaway to escape from things like that once in a while..especially after setting dArLyN&bOoKs blog last december..

so, without babbling more i think there are a few resolutions that i want to accomplish especially for this 2010;

1) i want to spend really a quality time for dArLyN&bOoks adn other books bloggers, not linger to it for so long, but spend at least an hour or two a day to post entry, comments, reply comments, read blogs etc.. spending too much will make me LOST coz i'm easily attached and those blogs are awesome!
2) finish all the challenges i've been signed up! i have five challenges and... yikes!

3) read books, read books and READ BOOKS!

4) make friends with other book's bloggers.. i love to hear/read from the one i already followed and i think there are so many other book bloggers i need to link with..and they share so much ideas, book reviews, and CHALLENGES!

5) either loose weight or gain no more weight. i'm 59kgs with 162 cm, quite chubby and hate that..restrict myself on food, control eating and have a proper diet..

6) plan a schedule to organize my 'work space' (i'm in the 2nd year, and hoping to finish my study THIS year!)

7) start planning on my wedding, i don't have a date yet but thinking of my fiancee really makes me stress! (my fault actually..)

8) last but not least,t i want to be a better person, an obedient daughter, a NICE sister, a loyal wife-to-be, and A+++ list student.. =p

i think that's all..can't think much of it anyway..and i fear that some of resolutions in the list can't be achieved, i'm easily distracted..because there are so much things i want to do..obviously LOL!

and finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!http://www.emocutez.com

my dictionaries

Written by Darlyn At Monday, December 28, 2009 2 bookish peeps...
dictionaries are so important in my life..i have 5 dictionaries, including a thesaurus, 2 english dictionaries, a malay dictionary and an arabic dictionary..

and in these days, English dictionary and thesaurus are really a need for me, in every day of my life..i love to read, fictions (any genre), and also some of the non-fictions..and most of the books are in English..well, i'm not an English or any a citizen of which their mother tongue is English.. i'm a Malay girl (my mother tongue is Malay Language or "Bahasa Melayu") and have to admit, my English not really awesome or really excellent..so that's is why i still need dictionary..and most of the time when i read books, i have to refer to the dictionary..because i sometime don't know the word's meaning..i know my list of vocabulary is not good.. but this way i can make it better (even keep referring to the dictionary kind of tiresome sometime) but doing this doesn't mean it's lame..right?

other than that, not because of story books that i love to read, but it's also about my master thesis writing..i depend on dictionary and thesaurus..although i'm Malaysian my thesis should be written in English ( most of Malaysian Universities do).. so it is compulsory and a must for me to have dictionary next to me in anytime..(i have a scientific dictionary for botany and botany glossaries too).

this is about my weakness here..i need dictionary because i want to understand better and sometime reading a lot easier than speaking..just to improve myself..it just as simple as that..

so, that's me..and another thing, reading other book's bloggers are really helping me out..and sometimes i use dictionary too whenever i want to find the meaning of the words..

it's not lame isn't it..?

i have two of oxford's..what's yours?

the magician's nephew by c.s. lewis

Written by Darlyn At Sunday, December 27, 2009 3 bookish peeps...
first of all, i love this book..!

My summary:

the story is about what happened when a boy meet a girl.. digory, and polly..a boy who really like to take risks and polly who was quite an adventurous, but very limited, which means; a girl i s always a cautious being, right? they became very good friends, and like fooling around, pretending that every single thing happened or they found, was actually related to something magical or mystery..and until one day the end up which started the biggest step of human invading to other world (yeah, that's human obviously..)..digory had an uncle, the magician...he sent polly away with a magic ring (with a trick!) and force digory to fetch polly..unwilling, but polly is his good friend, he determined to go to Charn, woke up Jadis, and the conflict began..and Jadis became the enemy of Narnia when it was found like in less than 7hours..

My review:

well, i like it very much as i think mr. lewis is a great story teller..when i read the story, it is like he is telling me what is actually happened there.. he did an excellent job with developing the characters, which made them really interesting and alive..they're written so well, that i was absorbed into the book.. (well, there's magic everywhere!). Aslan was, a great and wiser person (as if he is person no matter whatever, how big or small he/she is...right?). it is here that Digory and Polly meet Aslan for the first time and Aslan begins the wonderful song of creation which brings about the dawn of the first day in Narnia..every plants and animals that heard Aslan song became alive and they can talk or communicated among themselves..it was warm, it was so awesome..and every animals shocked when they found out they can talk! and the first joke was made! ha! i think everyone have read this.. but if you not, then you should read this, and you will discover how Jadis thinks she can be the Queen of Narnia, how and old man and her wife from our world became the first king and queen of Narnia, how digory was tempted to steal the apple of life for himself..i can't even stop reading the adventure in the story..

What i think?

well, i realized something in the end, human always have good in them, no matter how bad they can be or had been..digory realized it himself after all.. it is so simple to be frank and open with people when we put it into kid's life, when it is actually always grown ups who make a lot of mistakes..this story give me more than a story..it makes me realizes things..how i always want to be a kid..other than that, it makes me want to be a better person; who did wrong, but always accepted the guilty in the end and try to make things better again..

Rating: 4.5/5

merry Xmas and happy holiday!

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hi guys! i just want to say happy christmas to everyone who celebrates it..just hoping the very best of merrier life to each of you and especially to all books bloggers out there!

and i also pray for the world piece, may God bless us all; give us strength to face the new days onward..

merry christmas and happy holiday.. (^^)

the thief lord by cornelia funke

Written by Darlyn At Saturday, December 19, 2009 2 bookish peeps...
My Review:

The Thief Lord is story of two brothers, recently orphaned, are runaways. Prosper, who is twelve years old, has brought five-year-old Bo to Venice from Hamburg to escape an aunt who wishes to adopt only the younger child. A small gang of homeless children living in an abandoned movie theater befriends them. Their benefactor is a mysterious masked youngster named Scipio who calls himself 'the thief lord'. His irregular visits provide them with clothing, shoes, and goods they can convert to cash for other necessities. Scipio brags of his thieving escapades and brings them precious objects they sell to a shady antique dealer. Even though Prosper is worried about their life of crime and his little brother’s growing admiration for Scipio, he is even more concerned about their Aunt Esther who believes they are in Venice and has hired a detective to find them.

I'm still reading it and i think the book is awesome. Can't wait to finish the book. I guess it is the beauty of being children. Lots of fun and very adventurous in every single way. Not just for young adults, i think Funke brings the story of a child inside all of us.

There is like another half to finish and i bet i can give her a credit.

My rating: 4/5

standing oviation..

Written by Darlyn At Friday, December 18, 2009 1 bookish peeps...

congratulations to myself for setting up this blog, dedicated to any books i earn and read..and also to anything about books in future which i will have and read..

i just love this blogskin so i thought of making another blog..just to kill some little time i have..

so, i hope that i will post an entry at least for a week or maybe a few in a week..maybe it's depend if i'm free enough..


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