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Written by Darlyn At Friday, April 16, 2010
Hi everyone! I know it was so long since my last book review or post on my blog. I truly never mean it. But I personally miss everyone so much, and I am so sorry for not replying comments and make any visit to your blogs. I will redeem myself later. *LOL* I was so super busy and April is such a chaos and hectic month for me. I was so caught up with schools, seminars, presentations and anything in between that prevent me to write something on my blog. I definitely cannot resist it. And having 1 and a half month preparation to submit my master thesis is not going to help me. Wish me luck because I am going to really need it =(

Blue Moon (The Immortals #2)
Author: Alyson Noel
Pages: 284
Rating: 2.5/5

Summary (Goodreads):

Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way. But just as her powers are increasing, Damen’s are waning. In an attempt to save him, Ever travels to the magical dimension of Summerland, where she learns the secrets of Damen’s tortured past; a past which he has always kept hidden from her. But in her quest to cure Damen, Ever discovers an ancient text that details the workings of time. Now Ever must chose between turning back the past and saving her family from the accident that claimed their lives or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows sicker every day.

My Thought:

Honestly, I'm quite disappointed with the second sequel of The Immortals. I didn't necessarily hate this book. That being said, I only had a lot of issues with it.

I liked the 1st book Evermore because I thought the author manage to introduce new ideas and concepts like, auras, "elixir” of life, chakras and so on. That's maybe the reason why I decided and can’t wait to read the second one Blue Moon.

However, I was totally DISAPPOINTED...I read so much of good reviews on the second book, on how the excellent idea and twist and everything going to woo me much more than Evermore. This book started with promise, yes. Right until Roman starts to reveal his evil self and turns everyone against Ever at high school. Roman is an obvious jerk and protagonist character, of which the author isn't very subtle about. I find the fact Ever only seems to notice that he is from England a while after knowing him, quite confusing. I always hate that he is portrayed in a rather simple, stereotyped manner. I hate how he often says "mate" and "bugger off", they are apparently the only words of English slang that he knows of. Like the first book, the author like to focus on the “pressing” his/her lip. Urghh. And hey, I already knew Damon is super cute, super hot and super gorgeous. You don’t have to tell the readers about the ‘fun-facts’ in every chapter about that OK.

I found the book getting worse and worse as it drew towards the end, what with Ever taking a trip to Summerland with Eva to try and find an antidote for Damen. The book there on just drags and seems like to make things up in an unconditionally crappy way. Like the author has to end the story exactly on page 284. There’s an excellent plot there, but the elaboration and how she write on everything is just in obvious cliff hanging facts. Finally the ending is totally like a super rush. On that exact moment suddenly Ever made the stupidest mistake. How easily she’d been tricked to Ramon to save Damen.

Last but not least, I'm so don't understand how could blending saliva of two person while kissing, not forget to mention if touching could change human DNA. Of course we can be imaginative but please, this reason is absolutely crap. How could that possibly be? OK, if it a yes, why wouldn't the author at least explain it more on that particular fact? Make it believable or at least do some research on that. Science is not just facts. It can be subjective too, with some logic mix and match. And if the author really want to project some new idea to prevent both of Damen and Ever could never be together because of the obstacle, then this idea is absolutely the worst. I bet if Damen and Ever could not have child because Damen's blood already has the same sequence like Ever because the antidote mixed with Ever's blood, then maybe that sounds really real to me. I'm not against the idea and it's not like I cannot be an imaginative person. I can. But I also like to think while I read. That is how I understand and imagine things written on a plain white sheet. Well, each person is different in her/his own way though, right?

Oh yes, I did found one good thing about the book. I'm so glad I read it that I have so many things to comment and to questions why and how this and that. At least I'm improving my imaginative ability. *LOL*

Enough said, I don't know if I really want to recommend to anyone to read this book. But if you don't mind the fact she made up, then this will might interest you. Not to forget, it's fast read and could be enjoyable too. Not to me, obviously. A worth read to kill some time.

Nonetheless, I think I will read Shadowland not very soon. Wait and see what my opinion will be. =) God, hope it will be better, please.

p/s: The review is actually the second time I write. I accidentally erased while editing the post. I try to remember what I've wrote but failed. *LOL*


  1. I'm sorry to hear this book is a disappointment. I have not read this book yet though I enjoyed the first instalment. I'm a slacker when it comes to series books, hehe.

    Here's wishing you all the best in your studies! :)

  2. I have the first in this series and i'm looking forward to it i think this happens sometimes in series where the second or third book can have a nistep, i appreciate your honest review though :)

  3. I have read all three of these books and have to say the first was by far the best. My biggest problem with Blue Moon and Shadowland was Ever and her totally bad choices and whiny behavior. Still I will read the next one, but I think I will wait to borrow it from the library.

  4. I was disappointed in Blue Moon, too, and you are so right about the portrayal of Roman and his 'slang'. It's overdone, annoying and irritating! However, I thought Shadowland was a whole lot better than Blue Moon (I have a review up on my blog if you'd like to take a look), and I think Dark Flame will be a good read too because of some of the twists at the end of Shadowland. I'm definitely sticking with the series!

  5. Sorry to hear it was a disappointment! Good luck with your thesis!!!

  6. Welcome back:) Wanted to drop in and say Hi! I have not read this series but I have definitely had books that annoy me like that. I think sometimes authors get stuck having a character be a certain way and then they just can't change them. Anyway, welcome back! Come visit me soon:)

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like this book. I wasn't a big fan of Evermore, so I haven't read this book yet, and I don't think that I'm going to either!

    You got an award here btw :)

  8. Great review!! I'm sorry you didn't like this one so much :(

  9. Hi Darlyn, April is a busy month for me too and I've not been visiting blogs as frequently as I should. Sorry to hear that the sequel didn't quite work for you.

  10. Thanks everybody. I thought nobody miss me.. =( I will try to visit everyone though. And hoping that even I'm not posting regularly, i will absolutely pay a visit to your blogs... =)

  11. It's good to see you back, even if it is briefly! Good luck with your thesis!

  12. Great to hear from you again!
    I dont think I am going to start this series, well maybe when they have a really good discount at the bookstore. LOL. I'm sorry this book dissapointed you, hopefully the next will be allot more better. :)

  13. Good luck with your master's thesis! I remember doing that not too long ago and it can definitely be overwhelming - you'll be awesome though I'm sure.

    I liked your review of Blue Moon. It's tricky to write the second book in a series, especially, I would imagine, such a popular one. Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan is def an exception (her first is The Forest of Hands and Teeth, also excellent) and I couldn't put it down.

    Have a productive week! :)

  14. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    I agree with some of what you've said here about Blue Moon. I loved Evermore so I'm going to give Shadowland a chance, whenever I can get to the book! If you do check that one out hope you enjoy it!

  15. I havent read any of this series yet. I have heard mixed reviews but still want to check them out.

    Good luck on the thesis! :)

  16. I'm soooo glad to learn that I am not the only one that wasn't impressed with Blue Moon. To be honest, I didn't like it much at all, but I finished it merely because I was expecting it to "get better soon". No such luck.


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