Review Policy

My reviews consist of:

1) A picture of the book's cover.

2) A summary of the book (from Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes&Noble etc.). I can use one from the publisher or sites upon request.

3) My thoughts on the book and I will be honest with it (not guaranteed it is always positive!).

4) A rating on a scale of 5 by 5 is the highest score (will includes half scores).
  • 5 - Mind blowing! Buy a hardback, read it, love it, re-read it! This one a treasure!
  • 4 - Excellent. Must buy a personal copy and read it right away! It is a keeper!
  • 3 - Good. Worth reading/buying. This one may earn your hate to love alley.
  • 2 - Okay. But you could just borrow and read later.
  • 1- Waste of your time. Need to say more? But a star is merely because the author     took effort to write it.
Most Interested Genres:
* Suspense / Thrillers
* Mystery
* True crimes
* Contemporary

Other Genres:
* Young Adult
* Urban Fantasy / Fantasy
* Paranormal
* Sci-fi
* Speculative Fiction
* Chick lit
* Romance
* Historical Fiction
* Historical Romance

I'd loved to review this one too.
* Memoirs
* Non-Fiction / Self-help
* Children's Book

1) Please feel free to inquire about these types of books anyways if you'd like (if not listed in my list), and based on the book's description, if I might be interested.

2) Please note that I ONLY accept any type of physical copy for book / ARC reviews. Due to many request of reviewing e-copy instead of print copy, I have to stop reviewing e-copy. However, I'm an active tour host for a few tour book's site, so, some of the reviews might be e-copies that I'm entitled to except. This would be temporary and I might open to accept request e-books next time.

3) I can't/will not be responsible for ANY fees for the books sent to me. Please note that I am base in Malaysia, and the books for review need to be sent there.

4) My review is for FREE of charge and I will write honest reviews for the books I've received.

5) Every book that sent to me for a review will not be ensured for a review. But I will inform the authors why.

6) I would love to help and promotes authors, indie-authors, bloggers and publishers in order to let readers now about books from all over the world.

If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to e-mail me. I am happy to hear from all of you! Thank you so much for your consideration.

**7th update: January 20th, 2013**

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