written in the heart by judith stacy

Written by Darlyn At Saturday, July 10, 2010
Title: Written In The Heart
Author: Judith Stacy
Pages: 296
Rating: 3.8/5

Summary (Back Cover):

She could read between the lines, and Caroline Sommerfield knew at a glance that business mogul Stephen Monterey had written off any prospect of joy for himself. But working for this very private man convinced her that her true talent was a gift for living, one she was more than willing to share with Stephen. Given the choice, Stephen Monterey would prefer to remain tied to his desk, hard at work, rather than spend his time with frivolous amusements. But that was before Caroline Sommerfield danced her way into his ordered existence, creating her own special chaos and determined to rewrite the story of his life.

My Thought:

I grow fond of this book when the Caroline is such a witty, bold and very independent woman like I want every female character would be. She never let Stephen charms melt her heart easily. She's very disciplined, organized, and also a handwriting interpreter! There's a part which I like most;

"The writer of this," she said, turning to the final sample, "is confident, enterprising and ambitious. But also obstinate, pigheaded and...sexually frustrated." (she said that with a straight face). Stephen glared over her shoulder. "That's my handwriting."

LOL! Stephen is so obsessed with works and it blinds him to focus on his family. He lost hope in love when his father died, left him and his brother with his crucial uncle who sees wealth and bond by blood as an important empathy to survive in high society.

Apart from that,the storyline was well established, the main characters also well presented and so does the settings. Both main characters relationship is quite well developed from the start towards the end. I also love the secondary characters of Stephen's assistant and his nephew's nanny. Other than that, his aunt has quite annoying character and irritated me very much. I feel like I want to skip reading her parts but of course, I remained proceed. However, I enjoy reading it thoroughly and it was a pleasant read.


  1. sounds like an awesome read! thanks for sharing darlyn--never heard of this author or book before :)

  2. glad you enjoyed it girl, gunna go look it up! :)

  3. Annoying characters drive me crazy. There are tv shows I can't watch because I want to scratch one characters eye's out ;)

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  5. Don't like annoying characters unless there is a reason, and certainly would hope that if it is a main characters that they grow over the course of the story. Thanks for the review.

  6. This looks fun! I skipped parts of annoying characters too. Unfortunately that didn't always work out so well. I ended up going back to see what I was missing.

    Teens Read and Write

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  8. I don't like irritating characters, I had that with Wuthering Heights..skipped the parts where Joseph talked. :) Love the cover of this book!

  9. This really sounds like a fun read. I'm jealous that you've all this fun book!

  10. i've added it to my TBR list, thanks!


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