dear followers giveaway winner!!! + a mini giveaway

Written by Darlyn At Sunday, July 11, 2010
First of all, thank you so much to all my awesome followers and during the contest, I have another 50 new followers! Yeay! I hope that you guys will stick around and endure the "boringness" of me. And I'm sorry to announce the giveaway winner a day late. Believe me, I forgot! But don't fret, because now I'm going to announce the winner of my Dear Followers Giveaway!

The winner of $10 Amazon GC for my blog
Dear Followers Giveaway is....

***drum roll***

Carrie @ In The Hammock Blog!

Congratulations to Carrie!!! I will email her and hopefully she replied me in 48 hours so that I can email her my $10 Amazon GC. If not, I'll pick another winner.

Thanks again to all who entered the giveaway! Anyhoo, I think I couldn't help myself to throw something extra for you. So, if you are interested, I'm giving away 2 digital copy (pdf format) from any of this 3 amazing paranormal books. This is to anyone who entered my Dear Followers Giveaway ONLY. Send me an email at darlyn225 at gmail dot com with "free giveaway" in the subject line and tell me which one is your choice. Then I will send it to you straight away. However, if you didn't enter the giveaway and you are a follower of my blog (if not, become one) and interested to have this, don't worry because you can still choose, but only 1 of the books! How is that sound? I think that would be fair enough. Before I forget, this open until July 20th, 2010 and to whoever interested ONLY! Spread the words!

1) Heart of Darkness Anthology by Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne and Susan Krinard
2) Mortal Ghost by L. Lee Lowe
3) Vampire A Go Go by Victor Gischler

*Click on the picture to read the synopsis of the book (linked to Goodreads).

**I know it is just digital copies but I like the book and I thought I want to share with followers of my blog. I never read books from the authors before. However, I think they are a worth read except the Mortal Ghost because I have not read it yet. AND, if you receive copy of any books above from me later, please do not pass it around freely because they are my personal copies. I'm so sorry but if you want a copy, you can request from me and I will be glad to do so. This is a little appreciation from me to all my blog followers only.

Thank you zillions for being such amazing followers!


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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