mansfield park by jane austen

Written by Darlyn At Friday, July 23, 2010
Title: Mansfield Park
Author: Jane Austen
Pages: 448 (pdf from Goodreads)
Rating: 3.5/5


Born into a poor family, Fanny Price is raised amid the daunting splendour of Mansfield Park by her rich uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram. Treated as an inferior by most of the family, Fanny forms a close attachment to her cousin Edmund, the only person to show her kindness. With the departure of her uncle to the West Indies and the arrival from London of the fashionable Henry and Mary Crawford, flirtation and romantic intrigue abound. As Fanny becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the conduct of her companions, she finds herself isolated and forced to face the conflict between her sense of propriety and social expectation.

My Thought:

I hate when I forgot to write book reviews right away. It seems that I forgot what I had in mind right after I finished the book. This one is included in that category. Yeah, I forgot. But I have to write it's been a few days I have not posting any book reviews. My bad.

Mansfield Park is actually quite different from any Austen books that I've read recently. Her heroine still either too poor or too rich but not seems like another Cinderella story which by means here, she kind of like a slave. Austen didn't really mention the word but it looks more like it. It may sound a bit exaggerating, but Fanny sometimes got my nerves when she did all the works like she have to do it because she thinks she must and never stood up for her own sake. I mean, come on, at least, be a bit strong than that. Or was it actually Austen wanted to portray, a naive woman that very weak and dependent? And her shyness, I don't know. It seems too much. Maybe it's too classic that I missed the point.

However, at least I like the not so romance part of Edmund and Fanny. Edmund is likely a good man, decent, dapper and not that handsome I think, but he is kind very and tolerable. Sometimes, I think he's not encouraging Fanny to stand up for herself, but at least he was there for Fanny and like always in any Austen book, they finally realized they love each other. Other than that, there was a lot a flirtations in the book. Everyone seems like to flirt and it sounds funny for me and make it least boring.

It is absolutely Jane Austen most complicated story I've ever read. I think I will re-read it again. To harness my understanding of classic literature perhaps. My friends, have you read Mansfield Park? If so, what you think this one compared to other Austen's book? I would love to hear your thought!


  1. +JMJ+

    I read Mansfield Park last year. =) It was my last Austen novel I had to read for the first time, and I was very impressed! I thought her insight into human nature was at its most penetrating, and I thought she juggled all her characters very skillfully. I really feel that I "saved the best for last" with this one.

    What I like about Fanny's character development is that although she is a weak pushover at the beginning because she is made to feel like a charity case, she becomes more assertive over time as she learns her own worth to her family.

  2. Thanks JMJ!

    Even though I was not very impressed with this one, what you said about Fanny's character is right. She developed quite nearly at the end and while I was reading the book, I thought it has certain mission as it really got my nerves.And I keep wonder why she felt that way.Maybe you are right, she is made to feel like a charity case.And I have to admit, I hate when it took a while for her to stand for herself. Thanks for you thought. I have new perspective though on Mansfield Park ;p

  3. +JMJ+

    I think another reason Mansfield Park isn't as immediately satisfying as Austen's other novels is that it's the story of a place rather than a person. Contrast this premise with those of Northanger Abbey and Emma. Even Pride and Prejudice, with its relatively bigger cast, is about getting a well-deserved romantic ending for its three couples ("well-deserved" being ironic when it comes to Lydia and Wickham!). But the development in Mansfield Park involves a formerly forbidding neighbourhood that becomes a loving home to the character who most deserves it. (And note all of those who are banished from it at the end!)

    I also think that it would have been more satisfying for Fanny and Edmund to have fallen in love "on screen" rather than in the wrap-up of the final pages, but Austen was doing something a little different here. So what can we do, right? ;-)

    Thanks for the discussion, Darlyn. It's always nice to discuss Jane Austen with other readers. We may not always agree, but that is part of the fun. =)

  4. hey darlyn! This is my first time hearing bout Jane Austen. So, I don't have any opinion to give you. But, thanks for such a nice review, though you forgot several things I bet..haha! =)

  5. I have never read Austen and really need to correct this. I think I might make a challenge to do this next year. I do love the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. So I will probably start with it. Good review, you got me thinking about what I am missing.

  6. I agree that with some flirtation scenes, it will certainly liven up the book! Sorry but I haven't read this yet. :( Hope to get round to it one day.

  7. @ JMJ = Thank you to you too JMJ! At least you point out something that I miss from Jane Austen! ;p

    @ CJ = You might want to try reading it you know!

    @ Jan = I like Pride and Prejudice. While I dont watch any drama and movie adapted from Austen's Book, i still think books will be better than movie. They sometime add up things and more exaggerating.

    @Josette = You bet! I like the part too. It's way better than modern flirts you can find in nowadays book!

  8. Wow! You are just plowing through the Jane Austen! I actually haven't read Mansfield Park but will next year.

  9. hi darlyn! this is my favorite book after p&p and emma but maybe my watching the 1999 film version of this book so many times is coloring my opinion. fanny is so weak and submissive in the book and i like to pretend that she's the spunky, strong fanny of the film.

  10. Complicated read? I should hold off on this one then. Thanks for the awesome review. You really helped me decide where on my JA priority list this one should go.

    Did you ever see the film?

  11. @ Felicia = and please dont start with Mansfield Park! LOL

    @ Chelleyreads = yeah, I know and i heasrd from some other people too. They really change the concept of weak and dependent Fanny into strong Fanny in the movie.Sigh. But I bet I will like the strong Fanny though =)

  12. @ Juju = yes, it's quite complicated for me.kind of, because Fanny is kind of reserved girl with so much moralistic value to think of. and no, i have not see the movie yet.might do one day ;p

  13. For some reason this is my second favourite Austen novel. I loved Fanny and I loved the story. You are right that it would be better if Fanny stood up for herself but I don't think in that time she could. Now I feel like reading it again!

  14. This is actually the only Jane Austen novel I've read. I know, you're shocked! LOL But honestly, I loved this story so much. I don't know if it was Fanny, but I just absolutely loved her character so much. Great read, but definitely complicated. Great review!

  15. This one has been sitting in my pile for a long time. The only Austen book I've read so far is P&P.


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