heartbeat by danielle steel

Written by Darlyn At Monday, July 12, 2010
Title: Heartbeat
Author: Danielle Steel
Pages: 432
Rating: 5/5

Summary (Goodreads):

Bill Thigpen, writer producer of the No.1 daytime TV drama was so busy watching his career soar that he never noticed his marriage collapse. Now, nine years later, living alone in Hollywood, even without his wife and kids, his life and success are still reasonably sweet. Top-of-the-chart ratings, good-natured casual affairs, and special vacations with his two young sons. His life is in perfect balance, he thinks.

Adrian Townshed thought she had everything: a job she liked as a TV production assistant and a handsome husband who was a rising star in his own field. In as enviable life they'd worked hard for—the American Dream. Until she got pregnant. Suddenly all she had was chaos. And Steven's ultimatum. Him or the baby. The question was: did he mean it? He did.

Bill Thigpen and Adrian Townshed collided in a supermarket. And the very sight of her suddenly makes him want more in his life, a woman he really loves, a real family again. But does he need the heartache of another man's baby, another wife? Neither does. But they couldn't help it.

My Say:

I did it again. This is my third reading this book and I never feel tired of it. Heartbeat is a very heartwarming book. Steel's books might be a bit stereotype or a bit predictable but I love how it's written. But I think the truth behind the story is about second chance to love and to forgive ourselves. This book really swept my heart every time I read it. The friendship between Bill and Adrian brought them together and been meaning to start a whole new life. They shared their sorrows, supports each other and their friendship deepens into love. Even though I found it quite harsh to believe Adrian's husband divorced her just because she's pregnant, the storyline is believable and it really has strong plot line. It is quite a linear story with a little climax, but it is also very well developed till the end. I enjoy reading the book thoroughly and never get tired of it. It is also full of motivation, self-help, love, forgiveness and second chance to seek happiness. Maybe you'll think there's no hope and world will collapse, but you never know what will happen at the end of the day if you give up on life. It really teaches me that. I can read it over and over again, and I fully recommend you to read the book too.


  1. It must be good for you to have read it so many times. I haven't read a D. Steele book is soooo long. Might just start with this one.

  2. Hi Darlyn! I think I've read it also, but that was many years ago. I loved it!

  3. ooh sounds really good! I'll look for this one at the library the next time I go there!

  4. there's one of her early ones that every time I read it I sob and sob no matter what. I feel such an emotional connection to this book, I think it's one of her best ones (well actually I have 2 that I think are her best but I'll give them to you in order -
    No. 1 ~ The Promise (if you get a chance to read this one, do. It's amazing.)
    No. 2 ~ Zoya

    I haven't read Heartbeat I don't think so I'll definitely have to give it a read! Thanks for reminding me that D. Steele does have some great books!

  5. I have read this one some years ago, i have read nearly all Danielle Steel's books 'Full Circle' is my favorite if you have not read that one yet you must read it!

    I always get emotional when i read her books.

    Nice to see a Danielle Steel book being reviewed.

  6. It is awkward that the husband is willing to divorce his wife just because she is pregnant :-/ What kind of excuse is that??

    But overall the book like a neat read. Wish that I can find a book by Steel that can really catc my interest.

  7. wow sounds amazing i cant believe i haven't read any of her books! great review hun :)

  8. Awesome review. It's been much too long since I have read a DS :)

  9. I haven't read this book but if you've read it 3 times it must be good. In fact, I haven't read a Danielle Steel book for years, I think it's time I did!

  10. A divorced father falls in love with a pregnant woman whose husband had abandoned her when he discovered she was expecting a child. Based on Danielle Steel's novel, "Heartbeat."


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