vanished by danielle steel

Written by Darlyn At Friday, January 01, 2010
The summary:

it's a story of a woman and a man faced with an unthinkable tragedy, they lost their son in a mysterious abduction/ tells the story of a man and woman faced with an almost unthinkable tragedy, the mysterious abduction of their young son. Marielle Patterson shares an elegant Manhattan brownstone with her husband, Malcolm, and their little boy, Teddy. Marielle is a devoted wife and mother, and Malcolm is a man everyone admires..the scene happened in the late 1930's, in the shadow of the Lindbergh kidnapping, and as war looms in Europe.

On the eve of Teddy's disappearance, Marielle runs into her first love and ex-husband, American expatriate Charles Delauney...and when Teddy is kidnapped, Charles is first blamed, then arrested..but as the search for Teddy widens, even Marielle is scrutinized by the FBI and special agent John Taylor...suspicions and accusations mingle with terror and heartbreak as every threat, every failure, every fear, is remembered, examined, explored...during Charles Delauney's trial a series of revelations begins to unravel the truth about Marielle, Charles, and Malcolm, uncovering the motives and passions controlling their lives...

My review:

i love most of Danielle Steel's book..and i've been collecting her previous books in quite some time.. adult stories sometimes too much suspense, and vanished is a tale of guilt, desire, and people drawn inexorably together, seeking the child who vanished in front of her own eyes..i cant imagine that..that's when she put too much blame on her ex-husband..although there was time it really made me think how horrible her ex-husband abused her because of the lost of their 1st child and later on she lost the 2nd one,unborn..infact, after all he did to her, i really think that how clever her ex acting innocent, pretending that he was not the one doing the kidnapping..but he really is not! it turns out that Malcolm is the mastermind behind Teddy's abduction..and he was such a horrible husband in the end..

i think it's a good read..usually, her books are a lot nicer than this one..but it never makes me stop to read her other books!

Rating: 4/5


  1. Hi Darlyn, I've read some of Steel's books many years ago. They're all very good. This one sounds great as well. :)

  2. i have so many of her books that i don't even read fact, there's so many books to be read but a little time to read..i kind of doing a book marathon this year..and her books are on my list.. =p


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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