tender triumph by judith mcnaught

Written by Darlyn At Saturday, January 16, 2010
The Summary (from the book):

On Friday, a sensuous stranger entered Katie's life. By Sunday, her world would never be the same..Stunning Katie Connelly submerged her painful past in a promising career, an elegant apartment, and men she could keep at a distance. Yet something vital was missing from her life -- until she met proud, rugged Ramon Galverra. With his urbane charm and his passionate nature, he gave her a love she had never known. In his arms, she came fully alive to his every touch. Still she was afraid to surrender her heart to this strong, willful, secretive man -- a man from a different world, a man with a bold, uncertain future...

My Thought on this book:

Actually, I don’t remember how many times I’ve already read the book (or most of her books).. I love Judith McNaught books since I was in high school..there was time when I feel so moody or in unbalance emotional state, I will read her books (I found that romance book is kind of my soothing stimulus..ha!).. Tender Triumph could be a particularly a short love story about love at first sight/love fling..(I think most of her books are obviously formed/deliberated on that particular subject—it’s romance anyway)..well, on the other hand, this love at first sight story happened to be started and ended in just 3 weeks..today they met each other, the second day they started dating and in less than a week, Ramon proposed for Katie’s hand in marriage..well, in real life, I don’t think this is going to happen just to anyone.. kind of unrealistic but it was truly an enjoyable read..since I've read several Judith McNaught novels in the past, and while this was good and also kind of delightful, it was definitely not her best novel..it passed the time, but was somewhat predictable, and i didn't fall in love with the characters as much as her other novels..or maybe it was just my unsatisfactory on the ending of this book..it ended with happy ending though, only i hoped for more than just a statement..*sigh*

My rating: 3/5


  1. I have to agree with you, Darlyn. Tender Triumph was one of my least favourites among Judith McNaught's novels (Other than Night Whispers and Someone to Watch Over Me). I wonder which one of hers was your favourite?

  2. night whispers also the least favourite of mine..wah, that is one hard question.my all time favourite would be the westmorland dynasty saga *wink2*..every breath you take is the latest one i love(also double standard, perfect and paradise).but cant wait for another westmoreland saga--cant take my eyes of you =p

    p/s: it's hard to choose..=(

  3. hi shy!! hey darling!!!
    last time I went to bookstores...
    lots of books by Judith McNought...
    n u know...these gals.....they screamed!!
    waaa!!! this is da book...this is it!!! hohoho.... i thought that...they maybe love Mcnought's very much..hahaha!!!

    u noe...all Tony Parsons' books are there!!!
    can u believe it!!! OMG!!! the covers are great!!! hahaha!!!

  4. woa.....!!!
    scroll back...I misspell ur name darlyn!!!

  5. I've not read any of her books and can't comment. I hope to try one day, though. :)

  6. @ cj= then that absolutely girls! and it's ok..

    @ alice = if you read one, i also want to hear your opinion on her books too =p

  7. Okay, these aren't my type of books but glad it was somewhat enjoyable for you. And so what if it isn't a reality romance. I like to read for pleasure and fantasy is fun!


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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