the lion, the witch and the wardrobe by c.s. lewis

Written by Darlyn At Wednesday, January 06, 2010
The summary:

Four children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, are sent into the country to live with Professor Kirke (Diggory from the magician's nephew) because of the air-raids on wartime London. On their first morning, it pours with rain and they play hide-and-seek indoors. Lucy scrambles inside an old wardrobe full of coat. Narnia is in the grip of the White Witch's spells and it is always winter.It has been foretold that her reign will end when two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve sit on the four thrones at the castle of Cair Paravel. So the Witch has made sure that anyone who sees a human in Narnia will tell her straight away - or be turned into stone. Lucy is the first person to find Narnia, bewildered and excited, she told her brothers and sister, and not surprisingly, they don't believe her story, especially as the wardrobe remains obstinately a wardrobe. However, the children do go back into Narnia when they least expect it and find everything just as Lucy described—only perhaps more real and more frightening. The kindly Mr. and Mrs. Beaver keep them safe from the White Witch's secret police—but there is a traitor in their midst and the four children soon discover that only Aslan can protect them from the terrifying danger that threatens to destroy them all..

My thought on book the and the movie:

i love both of the book and the movie..actually, i watched the movie first then i read the book..The movie was very entertaining and i kind of got my mood to read the book afterward..I like the Narnia Chronicles very very much.. in fact, i made a lot of searches to buy the books back then.. well, you know, it's way too difficult when you are in a country side and take a few hours to go to the city just to find books..only that two years back, i knew how to buy books from online..ha! kind of funny really..reading the second book of the chronicles, i also has the same feeling like the 1st one..since i like fantasy read, it's easier to imagine or fantasizing their adventurous journey to safe Narnia..what i like most of all is of course Mr. Tumnus the faun (he's so cute..) and Aslan the Lion (i like Liam Neeson voice cast for him by the way =p)..wait, i think i love all the talking animals, and the children except the White Witch (i like the costumes though..)

what can i say more when the book and the movie are really fascinating..?

My rating: 4.5/5


  1. This is indeed a good one! I bought the compilation of the books last year and I seriously cannot put them down =)

    I see you've been reading quite a few and I just did one (And the book sucked, I tell ya)! Yikes.

    My SV is currently back for a week or so from her sabbatical in NZ, hence she asked me to do this and that reports. Urghh... I hate last minute works and definitely despise it when it takes up my reading time.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, Darlyn. I have the whole collection but have only watched the movie. Yet to read the books. But I did hear many good things about it. Hope to read it soon!

  3. @ shy= read some but really slow reader actually..hehe..but hey, even the book suck, please give the review. i think it supposed to be 'the devil wears prada' right? the book also in my wish list you know.. =p

    @ alice=yes and i think you'll love it too!

  4. *lol* I will do it then in next couple of days. I think you better hold off on buying your own copy of "The Devil Wears Prada". Not quite worth it. I like "Everyone Worth Knowing" better than this one.

  5. yay!!! Narnia....!!!
    I love the movie...both this title and the prince Caspian...
    looking forward for the next movie!!

  6. @cj= yeah, of course..cant wait to read the whole chronicles.. =p

  7. Hi Darlyn!
    How did goes w/ Picoult's book?
    Liking it so far?

  8. hi shy..sorry i'm a bit bz these few days..not finish yet, but i like it so you said, too believable and this story is much blended with emotion complication..wait till i finish it..

    p/s:i hate last minute assignments indeed..

  9. I understand what you mean. Last week was crazy for me as well, hence I am terribly happy come Saturday!

    My SV has flew back to NZ, so I'm expecting a better life in the weeks to come *lol*


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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