the other side of midnight by sidney sheldon

Written by Darlyn At Thursday, August 26, 2010
Title: The Other Side of Midnight
Author: Sidney Sheldon
Pages: 608
Rating: 5/5


Beautiful Noelle Page meets dashing WWII American pilot Larry Douglas in France and falls in love. She expects him to marry her, but instead Larry abandons her. In the United States, successful Catherine Alexander meets Larry Douglas and they marry. But Noelle hasn't forgotten Larry even as she's become a successful actress. She maneuvers to have Larry hired as the private pilot of her wealthy and powerful lover Constantin Demiris so she can seek revenge on him, but instead she and Larry rekindled their passion. Desperate to be together, Larry and Noelle make deadly plans. But soon the lovers face a terrible fate determined by the jealous Constantin using Catherine as his pawn.

My Say:

Heart-gripping but totally wicked. I read this book when I was in high school and loved so very much. But that time it was borrowed and now I got my own personal copy. As this is my second read of the book, I was really glad I feel the same way I felt the first time I read it. Even much better.

It has got to be the most suspenseful book where you do not see the twist until at the very end. It is a brilliant twist! The storyline was utterly amazing and he had such a masterful mind. And the book is totally a masterpiece. There are three element of story; love, revenge and jealousy. It has other elements but these three is the biggest ingredients of contribution in the book.

I never read a character like Constantin. He is a man that never forgives and he hold his grudge like forever. I even feel worried whenever I read his part or side of story. You should read how he gained his wealth, totally manipulative and but brilliant for a scoundrel. Larry is a character that I despise most. He's a heart breaker and if he kept his promise to Noelle everything would be a happy ending. I felt sorry for Noelle but what she did to win Larry back is such unforgivable and I think Larry and Noelle deserve for what they committed. Whilst they found guilty, and the plead the guilty,well I have never thought what monster Constantin was. It was totally quite unfair and I don't see it coming. What I could say is, he used/involved his power and wealth to make them executed by a firing squad! They deserved the punishment even though it's mean and inhumane and Constantin won in silence. Catherine, Larry's wife on the other hand, lost her memory and nearly died. She is the sorriest character and I felt so angry when it comes to the ending. But, it was a very brilliant read.

Every reader that enjoys a compelling mystery with a final shocking twist will want to read this book. I will re-read the book again. Have you read Sidney Sheldon? Which book and will you share what you think?

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  1. I knew that Sidney Sheldon's book are great. But I wonder what is holding me back to pick one. Maybe because most of the covers for are kid of boring. haha!!! Sounds like I judge book by its cover huh..hihi!

    Still remember I try to read Sheldon's book during I was a boy. My sister own it But I don't remember the title at all. Haha! But I remember there was a face of a lovely woman on the cover. And there are "adult only scene" in that book. haha!! =b btw...have a nice day Darlyn!!

  2. I read this book many years ago, and was the book that made me a Sidney Sheldon fan. Good review.

  3. +JMJ+

    This is one of the few Sidney Sheldon Thrillers that I didn't read in high school. My favourite was always Bloodline. Did you read that one, Darlyn?

  4. You have been reading some fantastic authors the last couple of weeks. Sidney Sheldon is one of dad's all time favorite authors. He seriously will read anything that is put out by him!

  5. @ Cj: I think the first few editions of his books are quite not appealing but I don't mind about that since the story are so amazing once I finished reading it.haha. i think it is quite R-rated when we're still kid. but it's not anymore. should give it another try. ;p

    @ Cheryl:Thanks Cheryl!

  6. @ Enbrethiliel: That is his 1st book that I've read! I love Rhys and Elizabeth and the storyline is great! It's pack, and very engaging. I've read it like 3 times already and I think I remember all the story flow.You've read one the most fantastic book of his!

    @ Felicia: Wow. I bet I can be best buddy with your dad!LOL I have all his books and re-read quite a few times. I started to collect his books last 2 years and now it's completed. Too bad he's gone. He is such an amazing author.

  7. Interesting review... I don't believe I've read Sidney Sheldon before....I'm stopping by from Radiant Reviews...

    ~Book Obsessed

  8. Oh, Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite authors ever! You should try If Tomorrow Comes. That's the one that started it all for me!

  9. Sounds very interesting and thrilling. Might give it a try.

  10. Awesome review. I can't say I've ever heard of this author.

  11. I've never heard of this book or author, but I loved your review...this sounds good :)

  12. Great review darlyn, my favourite is Master of the Game, I actually said I should reread it.

  13. I have never read anything by this author but I think I will have to do so pretty soon! Great review :)


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