the huge "jane austen" TBR readathon end post

Written by Darlyn At Monday, June 21, 2010
*Note* It's actually "The Huge TBR Readathon"

It's already the finish line and I'm quite frustrated I could not even finish at least 3 out of 4 Jane Austen's books. Here's the result of my readathon;

Finished (titles linked to my reviews);

1) Sense and Sensibility (around 3 days)
2) Emma (I think it's two days to finish this one)

Didn't finish;

1) Pride and Prejudice (just started, but I'm really hooked)
2) Mansfield Park (I don't even touch it!)

I'm not trying to find such excuses as I honestly enjoyed reading both of Jane Austen's. However, it really took me a lot of time to read and finish the book. I remember that I took ages to finish Emma for my school's reading few years back but I'm proud to read it less than a week now. In fact, I read two classical fiction this week! LOL

Although my goal was actually to read 4 books of Jane Austen (which I did not achieve even close to it), I'm enjoying my time, distilled into reading classic fiction. Even much more, it's Jane Austen's. Just for the record, I'm continuing reading Jane Austen's books in courtesy of my participation in Jane in June hosted by Misty @ Book Rat. Even thinking to join Everything Austen II Challenge hosted by Stephanie Written's Word *wink*

Thanks a lot and so much to Kristen @ Bookworming in the 21st Century for hosting this event. I really looking forward to the next readathon. I believe other participants of this event feel the same way too ;p


  1. yay! glad you're enjoying pride and prejudice. love that one :)

  2. I think you did great! I've only read Pride & Prejudice, but I think that it took around 5 days to finish it (if I remember correctly) and I loved it! Some books just need to be read slower, so you can enjoy them more :) At least, that's what I do ;)

  3. You did a wonderful job by finishing two Austen books in less than a week! Yes, join the Everything Austen challenge too! :D

  4. It sounds like you enjoyed what you read and I count that as a success!

  5. Love that you are already hooked into Pride and Prejudice - that is a yet to be read by me. I really want to - just have not yet.

  6. I think you did wonderfully! Jane is something that is hard to read in mass settings. I am glad that you enjoyed them :)

  7. You still did a wonderful jobn reading two books written by Austen. I love Emma, I am planning to read it very soon again. :)

  8. You did great finishing two Austen books in a week. They are not quick reads. I have tried to read them and I usually give up. One of these days I will try again!

  9. it takes awhile to through austen novels. they are detailed and can be complex with all the characters. and reading the writing doesn't flow as fast as our contemporary stuff. beautiful stuff though. not to be rushed through. it took me about 6 months to finish mansfield park which at the time was not my favorite. but now has grown on me.

  10. You did great to want to tackle Jane Austen all in one week. Glad you enjoyed the readathon!

  11. To be honest, I think it's great that you didn't rush through Austen. Her books are ones that you have to pause and think on before moving on. At least, that is my opinion. Glad you had fun!

  12. Austen books are meant to be savoured and sounds like you did that. Awesome effort, hope I can participate in this next time :-)


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