dear jane austen: a heroine's guide to life and love by patrice hannon

Written by Darlyn At Thursday, June 24, 2010
Title: Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine's Guide To Life and Love
Author: Patrice Hannon
Pages: 158
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary (Goodreads):

Jane Austen answers letters from perplexed modern-day heroines-in-training, supplying the reader with the precepts a true heroine lives by and illustrating them with revealing examples from her novels. Written with all the charm, wit, and wisdom one might expect from the author of Pride and Prejudice, reading Dear Jane Austen is like spending a wonderful afternoon with the novelist herself!

My Thoughts:

Dear Jane Austen,

Help! I have reached my age where I wont tell my age and I will die if I don't land a husband soon. Why am I still single?
Wish I Were A Heroine

Imagine if you could send a letter like that to Jane Austen and ask her any doubts about love to her. And beg her to answer or tell you what to do. Imagine you could whine and outburst any unsatisfactory of man to her. Wow. This is so cool! I enjoyed this book. Could you imagine if Jane Austen could have answered all the letters? That would have been awesome!

Austen answered her troubled fan/ any woman that facing problems with their life and love. As she responds to the letters, she quotes from her books and take examples from the characters. It's about love (obviously about man), marriage and friendship. I found it very fantastic and very cute too. It's easy, simple and it's like I'm reading
Austen's books and meeting her characters. Honestly, it's lot of fun and I found myself understand her books quite easy by reading this book.

Anyone who has read Jane Austen's novels will find this book fascinating and love them instantly (maybe a bit later for me to feel it instantly *wink*, just saying). Although I found it very amusing, I also found it quite funny to think of that Jane Austen knows a lot of things about our era while she's still at her era.

I think the author really did a good job and bring Jane Austen to life in the book. I love all the answers too, as I think that would probably what Jane Austen would say. That is really my own opinion and I would love to recommend to anyone who loves Austen to read this. I like it myself a lot. I should thank my sister for telling me about the book. I love it so much ;p


  1. I think part of the appeal of Jane Austen's books is that they're still relevant, even today. I'll probably be hunting this one down now. Thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds like another fun Jane Austen spin off!

    Thanks for sharing


  3. this book sounds very interesting! i think this is a book i definitely want to read :)

    thanks darlyn! and i love the new background by the way!

  4. OH my! This sounds totally grand. I love it! I'm adding it to my TBR pile. Thanks for the lovely review deary :)

  5. PS
    I added your button to the bottom of my blog :)

  6. I love the concept of this book! Very cute. I'm sure this is great for hardcore Jane Austen readers because it's easier to relate to the books. Fabulous review!

  7. You are surely an Austen girl this month! This indeed sounds like a delightful read. Hope that I, too, could get my hands on this one. Thanks for sharing =)


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