emma by jane austen

Written by Darlyn At Sunday, June 20, 2010
Title: Emma
Author: Jane Austen
Pages: 512
Rating: 4.75/5

Summary (Goodreads):

As daughter of the richest, most important man in the small provincial village of Highbury, Emma Woodhouse is firmly convinced that it is her right--perhaps even her "duty"; to arrange the lives of others. Considered by most critics to be Austen's most technically brilliant achievement, "Emma" sparkles with ironic insights into self-deception, self-discovery, and the interplay of love and power.

My Opinion:

It's absolutely a very wonderful read! I can't even put it down and stop reading it even though I'm not very good with with classic literature, literally. Emma really swept my heart away. So far, this is Jane Austen I love best.

Emma Woodhouse, witty, bright, and never want to loose in anything she does. She's also spoilt, always think very high of herself which sometime it blinds her to the opinions of other people. Funny though as she always managed to cause misunderstandings and she really takes some times to learn what she did wrong. Her ambition decides to devote her life in finding the right man for the people around her and think of her as a holy matchmaker. Funny thing is, the matchmaking are utterly wrong for each of the. Despite her interest in romance, Emma is clueless, doesn't really aware about her own feelings, and her relationship with gentle Mr. Knightly. However, her cause will come to contingency when she will find love in the face of a much sought after man.

Although it takes sometime for me to finish this, I think it's actually really fun and tells me one thing, don't be too hard to get ;p


  1. Hey! Just hopped by and thought I'd stop and wish you a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the hop is a marvelous way to meet bloggers both old and new.
    I have simply got to run down these Jane Austen books and read them. I think I must be the only person blogging that has not read them.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  2. emma the book is great! emma the character... well, she's okay. she's a little annoying in the beginning but she does see the error of her ways and i did like her in the end. mr. knightley **swoon** is my all-time favorite austen hero.

  3. Hey, where did you find that book cover for Emma? Whose hand is that? Mr Knightley's?? :D I like it. I wonder if this edition is available in Borders or MPH.

    I plan to read Emma for the Everything Austen challenge.

  4. I love the book Emma!! i think this is my favorite that i've read by jane austen. i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. Amen! What a fantastic last line to your review. Brilliant review :) I'm so thrilled that you loved it :)
    Bravo dear friend!

  6. I saw this new Masterpiece classic Emma by Jane Austen book it was very interesting I loved it I was wondering if any one else saw it on one of the PBS or KCET channels??

  7. I have to do an english essay on what makes emma by jane austen a classic novel. So far, i have thoroughly covered the language etc, although i need help on how it relates to today & its social values..


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