sense and sensibility by jane austen

Written by Darlyn At Friday, June 18, 2010
Title: Sense and Sensibility
Author: Jane Austen
Pages: 519
Rating: 4/5


This is an engaging story of two attractive and mutually devoted sisters. Romantic Marianne with her unrestrained enthusiasms which lead to disillusionment and despair makes a perfect foil to the unselfish Elinor who brings a quiet self-control to her own heartbreak. The sentimental education of the two heroines are conducted with fine regard for all the varying shades of romantic attraction, and in the end it is Marianne who makes prudent marriage and Elinor who is united to the man she has loved from the beginning.

My Thought:

Honestly, it is hard for me to write a good review on this one. Don't take me wrong. I love the book, very much. Everything I read from the book really moved me, inside and outside. The sisters and my sister and I have a lot of similarities.

Elinor's sensible and reserved, just like me, which I take logic and being more rational on everything I plan and what my next actions would be in facing hardship or crisis. Unlike me, my sister is a lot emotional and sometimes, she does not think clearly and put her emotions first out of everything.

The summary of the story; (a) being sensible makes you wait longer/a very long time for the right guy, (b) follow only your heart and being emotional will break your heart a couple of times or maybe a lot, (c) being either sensible or emotional, you still will break your heart deeply at least once or maybe a couple of times too. Just saying. But the conclusion, you'll find your happiness and love of your life eventually.

Sense and Sensibility to me is very good read with a very very deep meaning behind it. It has a lot of ironies that you could point out and sometime, you will think like you are actually has a lot similarities with either Elinor or Marianne. Although sometime it is hard for me to understand a few things e.g. I don't know if the actual meaning of some sentences like is it actually a cynical, sarcastic or a joke? Excuse me, but it is true.

However, my advice, try it yourself if you have not read any of her books yet. You'll love Jane Austen!


  1. I loved this book too because I found a lot of similarities between the sisters in the book and my sister and me. It's so beautiful, emotional and yes, tragic in its own way.

  2. i really like the cover its so pretty i really need to read this it sounds great! me likey ze summary lol great review girl :)

  3. I really should read this. I love books with sisters. I'm very passionate and emotional, but of my sister and I - I am the most sensible (that came with age). Thank you for the lovely review.

  4. we LOVE you too darlyn :D

    i have to say, this isn't my favorite austen book. i wasn't happy about the marianne/colonel brandon match to tell the truth. but it was an okay read nonetheless.

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  6. GOod review! I love Sense and Sensibility, and Elinor's my role model with her practicality. Found you through the Blogger Hop, and I follow. :-)


  7. Hello, I am new to your blog via the Hop. It's lovely! I enjoyed Sense and Sensibility in book and movie form. :)

  8. I've seen the movie version but I haven't read the book! I've been meaning to do that... Great review!

  9. Nice new cover on this one :)
    I have only read Pride and P, and Northanger Abbey, I really should read more

  10. I love Jane. This is a lovely cover! Thanks for reminding me of a great classic.


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