prince of twilight by maggie shayne

Written by Darlyn At Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Title: Prince of Twilight (Wings in the Night, #12)
Author: Maggie Shayne
Pages: 492
Rating: 3/5

Summary (Goodreads):

Foretold centuries ago, it is a destiny they cannot escape. Far older than his legend, the immortal Vlad Dracul has wandered the earth for centuries in search of the reincarnation of his wife, Elisabeta. Now he believes he has found the woman possessed by his beloved's soul and is prepared to make her his for all eternity.

Tempest "Stormy" Jones is that mortal. She has long sensed the other, someone inside her fighting to take control, a feeling that becomes even stronger when the dark prince is near. But as Stormy denies the passion that burns between them, she also resists allowing Elisabeta to take over her mind and body to prevent her from claiming Vlad as her own.

But when Elisabeta discovers Vlad's feelings for Stormy, her wrath knows no bounds. She demands that her destiny be fulfilled, and seeks to destroy her rival, leaving Vlad in anguish, tormented by what was and what could be. Now only he can choose, who will live and who will die.

My Review:

Although this book is #12 of Wing of Nights series, I think it is also a good stand alone book. The story is quite engaging and a page turner. In fact, I never read a vampire plus with 3/4 part of the book is about romance.

Stormy (I don't know why Shayne picked up this name) is very bold and quite confident with herself in order to win Vlad over Beta. While Vlad, he's a Dracula which I can feel how he felt for Stormy and Beta. He was confused. To choose either Beta or Stormy. Yup, that's rather interesting storyline of a softhearted Dracula.
At first, I didn't know it was a type of romance novel, I'm not really into those but I kind of love vampires. But as I read, this one pretty good.

Pretty good, yes. However, this book was a little confusing when they had a lot of "flashback" scenes. It would take me a paragraph or two to figure out whose memory flashback we were seeing and interpreting. Other than that, there's no interesting actions involved for a vampire story. And for that, it's quite boring. It's like the story was just about two mean girls fighting over a guy they love. Otherwise it was a pretty OK read. Enough to kill my two hours time at my lunch hour and continued before I went to sleep.


I never know about this series before. I would like to try her other books as well soon if I happen to get those. As for now, Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. I haven't read any Maggie Shayne either... by your review, it looks like I need to look into her work :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. It may be just me.... but the cover guy looks a little like a young John Travolta...

  3. @ Cherry = Same here. i think i need to look out more of other books =)

    @ Sheila = I only realized it after you mentioned. *LOL*

  4. Hmm. this sounds like a good book. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. it's always good to know if a book that is part of a series is a standalone so i'm happy whenever reviews mention that. LOL i don't get the names some authors pick to give their main characters sometimes either. thanks for the review darlyn! :)

  6. This one sounds really good! I'm glad you liked it!


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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