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Written by Darlyn At Tuesday, March 23, 2010
I've just stop by at Melody's Melody's Corner, and guess what? I found something rather amusing to brighten up my day! Do you know that there's actually a Bibliomania Day? And March 20th was in fact Bibliomania Day! There's a quote from Veen's Blog and quoted by Melody;

On March 20, 1990, Stephen Blumberg of Ottumwa, Iowa, was arrested for stealing over 23,600 books worth $20 million and weighing 19 tons. So look out for a the "bookey-man"!

Like many book thieves, Blumberg was also a book lover. "It was his habit to read constantly through the night, cat-napping, waking, reading, dozing, waking, reading again, never fully sleeping.

(click here to read more of Stephen Blumberg, taken from

Melody also tagged me with this fun meme =)

1) Are there any books you would like to beg, borrow, or steal?

YES! Definitely! When I was a kid I was banned from my school library. I've been caught stealing a book (Enid Blyton, The Naughty Girl). Haha! (guess I'm a book stealer at heart). It was a bet and quite funny, really. Still, I would beg and borrow but not stealing. One silly mistake is enough. *wink*

2) Are you addicted to trips to Borders or the public library?

Public library, not yet or not really. I buy books online, frequently visit MPH Bookstore, POPULAR and Harris whenever I go out. I at least buy one or else, window stalking new books on shelf is fine. I buy LOADS of books as well as used books because they are a lot cheaper and I only buy with good conditions only. Yeah, I'm a student under a small amount of scholarship so I guess used books suites me well.

3) Do you have a way to remember what books you have read?

I just kind of remember I think. But having a blog is a way to keep my books listed. My fiancee help me out with listing all books I own and I also have a journal where I tick on books I've read. Books I read are in one side and TBR on one side of the bookshelf (and thanks to fiancee for that!)

4) When did your love of books begin?

When I was in primary school. I read most of Enid Blyton's and also a bit of Malay books. I wholly started love reading books because of my best friend, Inayah. She loves to suggest me a lot of her favorite books and we kind talked about books so much that I don't remember. Ha! And also she's the one who always lend me books, give books for my birthdays.

5) What is a favorite book?

Pheww..This is quite hard. Personally, I love all my books but to narrow down to a favorite book is difficult! But I love all my Harry Potter Series (hadcover) and Sydney Sheldon's books. They are my treasures!

6) Do you still have in your possession a book borrowed, but not returned to its rightful owner?

Emm..Let me think. I think nope!

7) What's the most in library fines you have owed?

Nothing. Only a few books of Taxonomy on Vascular Plants, Plants Systematic and Plant Ecology. The due was 3 days ago and I still need it for my Master Thesis references! But I'll pay for the fine. Hehe..

8) Do you loan books out to others?

Yes. I love to share books and I like to suggest my friends what I like. But currently no one around me a fiction-lover. Being away from home is a bit hard because there's no particularly friends to discuss /share/ loan any books I love or hate.

There's the following friends I would like to tag and join this fun meme;

Happy Reading EVERYBODY!


  1. I did not know that there was a Biblomania Day! lol ;)

    ...and you are reading Strange Angels... mmm... I didn't like that book. I gave it a low rating in my review. Are you going to review this book? I would like to see what you have to say about it. I still got Betrayals sitting at the bottom of my TBR pile.

  2. i too didn't know there's a bibliomania day. how awesome :)

    and what a fun meme! i liked reading your answers. i agree that the favorite book question is a hard one but the harry potter series are (one of) my faves too.

  3. Enjoyed reading your answers! Thanks for playing, Darlyn! :)

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers, Darlyn! Enid Blyton sparked my interest in reading too and that was way back in primary school. Specifically, it was the Famous Five series. :D

  5. This is such fun! Can I post my responses tomorrow?

  6. This is so fun! Thanks for tagging me!

  7. I am glad to learn that Enid Blyton inspired you, like my self during childhood. We couldn't part with those Famous Five books. Thus, as a result of this profound memory of Enid Blyton and her books, I decided to write a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (,
    Stephen Isabirye

  8. I'm a Bibliomaniac, too!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog so frequently and apologize for not stopping by yours until now. This is embarrassing to admit, but my settings somehow got messed up, and I wasn't seeing any of my comments for the past few months! I finally figured out what was going on this week! Boy, do I feel stupid - I've been blogging for years, believe it or not.

    Anyway, I fixed the problem and have now read all of your wonderful comments - thanks!

    Great meme. I use the library a lot now - buying books all the time just got too expensive. And I love to borrow and lend books - that's half the fun - sharing good books with friends and family!



Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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