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Written by Darlyn At Saturday, February 27, 2010
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I'm thinking of what books will be that I want to pile up in my wish-list. I have no idea, particularly or certainly because there are so many books unread and my fiancee keep lecturing me. Well, I like buying any books I can reach at bookstores/online whether it's new, used, half-price or whatever in between. I know he's somewhat more on non-fiction (management, motivation, business thingy books..urghhh..) and he likes to finish what he has first, then buy a new one afterward. The only thing we could share is comic/ cartoon magazines. *LOL* or maybe the Chicken Soup for The Soul Collections.

Okay, enough on that. I know what I want to have now. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. I haven't read any of this trilogy. Maybe I might read it soon. I've watch the Golden Compass and fascinating by the story. Bet the books will be better.

Book title: The Northern Light #1 (The Golden Compass)
Author: Philip Pullman
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Summary (Goodreads):

Some books improve with age--the age of the reader, that is. Such is certainly the case with Philip Pullman's heroic, at times heart-wrenching novel, The Golden Compass, a story ostensibly for children but one perhaps even better appreciated by adults. The protagonist of this complex fantasy is young Lyra Belacqua, a precocious orphan growing up within the precincts of Oxford University. But it quickly becomes clear that Lyra's Oxford is not precisely like our own--nor is her world. For one thing, people there each have a personal dæmon, the manifestation of their soul in animal form. For another, hers is a universe in which science, theology, and magic are closely allied:

"As for what experimental theology was, Lyra had no more idea than the urchins. She had formed the notion that it was concerned with magic, with the movements of the stars and planets, with tiny particles of matter, but that was guesswork, really. Probably the stars had dæmons just as humans did, and experimental theology involved talking to them."

Not that Lyra spends much time worrying about it; what she likes best is "clambering over the College roofs with Roger the kitchen boy who was her particular friend, to spit plum stones on the heads of passing Scholars or to hoot like owls outside a window where a tutorial was going on, or racing through the narrow streets, or stealing apples from the market, or waging war." But Lyra's carefree existence changes forever when she and her dæmon, Pantalaimon, first prevent an assassination attempt against her uncle, the powerful Lord Asriel, and then overhear a secret discussion about a mysterious entity known as Dust. Soon she and Pan are swept up in a dangerous game involving disappearing children, a beautiful woman with a golden monkey dæmon, a trip to the far north, and a set of allies ranging from "gyptians" to witches to an armor-clad polar bear.

Other book in the trilogy;

#2 The Subtle Knife

#3 The Amber Spyglass

So, what's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Omg I LOVE the His Dark Materials series! It's too bad the film didn't live up to the books :)

  2. @ Melissa: That is so true. I've waited for the sequel but never that coming. Is it worth waiting? *LOL*

  3. yeah!! I really hate the film...
    I just watch the beginning and ending...haha
    in between that i don't really know what happen..... btw, Darlyn....gudnite..hahaha!!!

  4. I've only read the first one of the series so far but I loved it! I just keep meaning to find time to read the other two.

  5. I still have not read this series. Thanks for sharing your wishlist. :)

  6. I didn't like this book, I'm not sure why. It has all the great elements. I like the movie though!

  7. I never read the Golden Compass, I did see the movie though. Here's Mine

  8. I've read this whole series, and I didn't like any of them. I read them all because they were a present, and I thought it rude to just leave them, but also because I hoped they would get better. I didn't enjoy them, but I do hope you do!


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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