judge a book by it's cover #5

Written by Darlyn At Sunday, February 21, 2010
Book's title: Burned

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry

Why I like It:
Simplicity and can be intrigued by just the title; though no pictures

Rating: 4/5


  1. I like the cover-it just looks kind of spooky to me. I've heard great things about Ellen Hopkins and her books but I never gave her a chance. But maybe I should.

  2. Wait!
    I thought the cover is in black.
    Or am I mistaken with some other books?

  3. @ inthehammock: it's cool isn't it..?

    @ morgan: tell you the truth, i never read any of hers too.maybe i will, soon.. =p

  4. @ mizz yasmin: haha..i dont really know dear..i guess this one is right one.. =)

  5. I went to the bookstore yesterday and saw this book on the shelf! The whole books in this series have such simple covers. So good!

    Btw, are you still in your hometown? I'm having a massive reading slump since CNY! Gah, haven't even finish reading anything, yikes. Do wish me luck :P

  6. @ Shy: You are right! I love all the covers of the series. simple but that's enough to make me to want to know more =p

    i'm still on holiday. i finish a few but i didnt do any of the reviews + no internet access at home.i went to my sister's office few times to surf the web but still not doing any review..*LOL*

    haha.that's absolutely a "yikes".but you'll finish it somehow.i wish you the VERY best of LUCK! =)

  7. wohoo!!!! sometimes less is more!!
    this cover is ridiculously simple...i really love it!! but again....don't judge a book by its cover.... good cover doesn't mean good story...haha!! sometimes the cover will play trick on you...=) but, I hope this would be a great reading...


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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