the lion's deceit by mpho otukile

Written by Darlyn At Monday, March 28, 2011
Title: The Lion's Deceit
Author: Mpho Otukile
Illustrator: S.B. Bow
Pages: 16
Rating: 5/5
Recommended Age: 3-5
Source: Won from LibraryThing


The Lion's Deceit is about a lazy lion who goes against his real nature by tricking other animals so he can get some food without hunting. Will the lion get away with his plot?

My Two Cents:

My little cousins (Azim and Aqil) and I love it! I read it last night with them for bedtime stories. Funny thing was, I don't think my mom ever read about animals to me when I was little. What I ever remember is Cinderella and few other princesses and fairy tales. Since my two cousins are boys, this book is perfect for them. It's a great story with a valuable lesson for children to put some efforts to gain something we want to the children. The lion's action to lie his sickness to the rest of the animals in the jungle so that he can get his prey for food regularly. This is totally not a lion's nature as he should hunt and as a result it was ultimately discovered by other animals.

With beautiful colours and fine illustrations, this book is totally enlightening and very entertaining to be shared with little kids as well as adults and parents. Kids will enjoy reading and learn a great thing of putting effort and know that every actions we take will lead to different consequences.

Some illustrations from the book;

About the Author

Mpho Otukile comes from Botswana, in the Southern part of Africa where she grew up listening to stories told by the village elders at night while sitting around an open fire. As much as she was entertained, these stories also instilled some moral lessons about life. The author now lives in Winnipeg, Canada and is writing these stories to pass them to her daughter and other children.

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  1. This looks adorable and with a great message. Thanks for sharing, I will have to get this for my grandson!

  2. Great review. The art reminds me of the Lion King.

  3. How cute. I bet my niece would like this one.

  4. Awww!! So cute! It's great that your cousins love it!

  5. My little cousins would probably like this one too.

  6. This is cute, I should pick it up for my lil one

  7. Indeed beautiful illustrations, Darlyn!


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