heavenly by jennifer laurens

Written by Darlyn At Friday, March 18, 2011
Title: Heavenly
Author: Jennifer Laurens
Pages: 296
Series: Heavenly #1
Published: August 15th, 2009
Rating: 4.5/5
Source: Receive from author
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Summary (Website):

I met someone who changed everything. Matthias. My autistic sister's guardian angel. Honest. Inspiring. Funny. Hot. And immortal. That was the problem. What could I do? I did what any other girl would do-I fell in love with him. Zoe's sister darts in front of cars. Her brother's a pothead. Her parents are so overwhelmed; they don't see Zoe lost in her broken life. Zoe escapes the only way she knows how: partying. Matthias, a guardian sent from Heaven, watches over Zoe's autistic sister. After Zoe is convinced he's legit, angel and lost girl come together in a love that changes destiny. But Heaven on Earth can't last forever.

My Say:

It's a totally a book that I love to love. It has a simple plot and the synopsis already stated that Zoe fall in love with her guardian angel, Matthias. I would say that I can predict the ending; too easy, they will be together like most of the stories in the end. But the fascinating part was how excellent the story was developed. The story might seem so typical with other fantasy stories of guardian angels but not divinely written like this one. Why? There might be lots of twist and turns to achieve the need; to be happily together with each other, ignoring the fact that it's so interconnected with heaven's business. Matthias could make a chaos and conflict which would lead to series of sequels. However, Jennifer made it so true and divine. I really love the ending. She lets Zoe overcome her difficulties with family and her personal life and gave her a peaceful ending. That is something that could be real and logic as well, which seldom happen in fictions.

Despite of divinely plot, I was impressed with details of story plot line. It was beautifully written like how Abria autism positively and accurately portrayed, even though there's quite of some moral issue as well; her brother's addition to drug and her personal problem with drinking. Other than that, I applauded Jennifer for her effort, putting so many scenes focused on Zoe and her family, especially her mom and dad. I cried when I read a scene where her mother said she was sorry for the difficulties she puts if Zoe and Luke ever felt ignored. And says thank you to Zoe for her so many sacrifices for Abria's sake. It's maybe sound nothing but I love the part more than I love Zoe and Mathhias's part. But it doesn't mean I don't get blushed when she wants Matthias embrace and kiss her!

This was a great story of struggles. Struggle to be loved, to be understand, not to be ignored, struggle to be together, struggle to be happy, and struggle to have a happy ending. It's also a well-mixed story of happiness, romances, hardship, family altogether. Totally recommended!


  1. Sounds like a sweet story that would make you think.

  2. Sounds like another good angel story. I haven't heard much about this one!

  3. I agree-- wonderful plot and characters. Thanks for the review.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. I just got this book from the author, and I'm so glad to see such a positive review for it, Darlyn! I love that it sounds deep and thoughtful, but not too too heavy, either. Fab review :)

  5. Great review! i really enjoyed this one as well, Zoe's familys' struggle seemed so realistic. I look forward to reading the other books in the series

  6. Great review, it does sound like a really good book :)

  7. This sounds so good, thanks for the gret review!

  8. Sounds like lots of struggle but still sweet.

  9. Sounds fantastic! I've been wanting to read this one :)

  10. Wow, this sounds like a great one.Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  11. I've seen this everywhere and the author is so nice. I still haven't had the chance to read it yet but I'm looking forward to it =)


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