the falling away by t.l. hines

Written by Darlyn At Friday, April 01, 2011
Title: The Falling Away
Author: T.L. Hines
Pages: 366
Series: Stand alone
Published: September 10th, 2010
Rating: 3/5
Source: Publicist
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He's been running from his calling, his troubles, and his demons. His demons just caught up. A member of Montana's Crow Tribe, he is called Dylan Runs Ahead. But that name couldn't be more off, because he's spent years running away--from his family, his people, his past...and himself. Now he's running out of places to run. He's haunted by his younger sister's disappearance, the recent death of a friend, and his impending sense of being chosen for something of great importance. But before Dylan can figure out what it really means to be chosen, and whether he's going to embrace the cost of that calling, he's going to have to slow down and face the demons he's been running from. Demons that are all too real...and aren't about to back down.

My Two Cents:

I never read anything from T.L. Hines so I'm quite excited to read it. The story is said as a supernatural thriller about a crippled veteran called Dylan Runs Ahead. He has been running all of his life from anything; from his past, from his future, and from his destiny. Worst, he also addicted to drug prescription and involved in a deal where two person were murdered. Then he met Quinn and Li which supposed to help him to face evil spirits/demon which was the cause of Dylan's running away. They confirmed that Dylan is the Chosen, and being protected who turns out also a Chosen, Quinn, a homeless woman. It may sound a little bit bizarre and but I started to like reading it even though I feel the story is so out of nowhere.

The writing style is quite okay and even though I don't feel connected with story in the beginning, it flows better once you start to understand what is actually happening to the characters. Sometimes I feel like I was off the hook with the story and keep wondering how it will turn out next. I thought the storyline is quite original and all the wondering that I have earlier at start will be answered as the story goes on. Like most thrillers, the element of suspense in the story works well and very attention grabber with all the twist and turns. The characters are very interesting, believable and there's also a sense of humour in it. Quinn is very mysterious for me and I always thought that she actually has something behind it. I only have a dissatisfaction on the ending, it rather ends abruptly after truth was discovered.

The book is actually has a Christianity element in it but it quite makes sense and I think Christians fiction fans would like this. I think the story is good supernatural thrillers as it claimed and anyone who like some actions and suspense would like this. It might have some flaws but it worth to kill the time.

About the Author:
TL Hines writes "Noir Bizarre" stories, mixing mysteries with oddities in books such as Waking Lazarus, The Dead Whisper On, and The Unseen. His work has won recognitions ranging from the Maryland Writers Association novel contest to Library Journal's "25 Best Genre Fiction Books of the Year" award. Currently, TL lives in Montana with his wife and daughter. Visit him at

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. These are my honest review and receiving a copy in no way will ever reflected my review.


  1. Great review. I never read Christians fiction, maybe I should try a book with this genre. ;)

  2. Ahem..yes not for me, I do think I can safely say that

  3. The cover looks like the end of the world. Great review

  4. This sounds fantastic. Great review.

  5. Glad you got more into it overtime. I love when that happens :)

  6. fantastic review! thanks for the suggestion!


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