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Written by Darlyn At Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Today I have author Andrea Kane to the blog and happy to have and interview with her. She's on tour promoting the new romantic suspense anthology, "Love is Murder", to which she contributed a story, entitled LOCKDOWN.

D: What is your guilty pleasure? 

AK: I don’t even have to ponder this one. Ice cream. Always ice cream. If I could, I’d take a quart (maybe even a half-gallon if I had room J) of homemade ice cream, a giant spoon, and eat it all in one sitting. Too bad broccoli and ice cream can’t switch places in terms of calories, fat content, and healthy eating!

D: Describe your favorite meal.

AK: I’d start with a Caesar salad, move on to filet mignon and lobster tails with a lovely glass of Beaujolais, and end with some fabulous profiteroles. I’m getting hungry just answering the question.

D: If you were not a writer, what would be your career?

AK: I can never answer this question, because I can’t imagine being anything BUT a writer. I almost went to law school, but then my writing called me back. It’s no use. I’m just a diehard storyteller.

D: If you could time travel, which year would be your destination? 

AK: I’m fascinated with Regency England, which is why I set most of my historicals there. I’d have to visit some of the grand balls of the nobility, see the carriage rides through Hyde Park, and watch the Bow Street Runners in action. But I could never deal with the chamber pots!

D: What inspired your contribution to LOVE IS MURDER? 

AK: I really wanted to give my readers romantic closure on FBI agents Sloane Burbank and Derek Parker. But I was also dying to mix in one of my new Forensic Instincts team (the series I’m immersed in right now). “Lockdown” gave me the opportunity to do both, and to do it in a romantic setting and a life-threatening situation.

About the Author

Andrea Kane’s psychological thriller The Girl Who Disappeared Twice became and instant New York Times bestseller, the latest in a long string of smash hits. It introduced Forensic Instincts, and eclectic team of maverick investigators, each with different personalities and talents, all with one common bond: a blatant disregard for authority. The Line Between Here and Gone is the next exhilarating installment in the Forensic Instincts series. Armed with skills and talents honed by years in the FBI and Special Forces, and training in behavioral and forensic psychology, the team solves seemingly impossible cases while walking a fine line between assisting and enraging law enforcement.

With a worldwide following and novels published in over twenty languages, Kane is also the author of eight romantic thrillers and fourteen historical romances. She lives in New Jersey with her family, where she is plotting new ways for Forensic Instincts to challenge the status quo.

About the Book

Prepare for heart-racing suspense in LOVE IS MURDER, edited by New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown, this original collection features 30 of the hottest bestselling authors and new voices writing nerve-racking romantic suspense today. Bodyguards, vigilantes, stalkers, serial killers, women (and men!) in jeopardy, cops, thieves, P.I.s, killers—these all-new stories will keep you thrilled and chilled late into the night.

 Go on vacation with Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid, where she saves a man from drowning, only to discover he is in far greater danger on land. Meet Roxanne St. Claire’s “bullet catcher”—bodyguard Donovan Rush—who may have met his match in the sexually charged “Diamond Drop.” Debut author William Simon shows us what happens when the granddaughter of the president of the United States is kidnapped. And Lee Child’s pitch-perfect “I Heard a Romantic Story” puts a whole new spin on LOVE IS MURDER.

Love Is Murder is the third Thriller anthology written exclusively by members of International Thriller Writers, Inc. Barely seven years old, ITW has a roster that reads like a who’s who of thriller writing, with 1635 members representing 28 countries worldwide and over three billion books in print. Headed by current co-presidents Douglas Preston and Kathleen Antrim, its board of directors has included such notables as Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Steve Berry, James Rollins, M. J. Rose, Carla Neggers, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell and David Hewson. More information is available on the ITW website,

Book Excerpt

It was times like this that Claire Hedgleigh hated her psychic giftHer best friend was about to get married. The chapel was alight with anticipation and joy. But all Claire could sense was darkness. Dark energy. Filling the room. Hovering over the fairy-tale setting.

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  1. Andrea Kane became one of my go to authors after reading Twisted, loved it. I have the new one also, I'm glad to read more of the Forensic Instincts team.

    I do love broccoli but switching with ice cream on the health count is a damn good idea :-)

    Fun interview.

  2. Great interview!

    I agree. Being able to switch ice cream with broccoli would be nice . . .

    Intriguing excerpt.

  3. Great interview! I love the idea of switching broccoli and ice cream calories!! Favourite meal sounds delish!! I have heard good things about this book.


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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