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Written by Darlyn At Thursday, June 16, 2011
Author RL Stine is the 2011 Thrillermaster for this year Thriller Fest. Stine’s thrillers and horror tales have proven to be great reading motivation for young people. The YA series, Fear Street, started in 1989 and was followed in 1992 by Goosebumps, which quickly took off around the world. Goosebumps has been translated into 35 languages. These days, Stine continues to add books to the Goosebumps series, scaring a new generation of kids.

I grew up reading his books and totally adore all of of it. When I have the opportunity to interview him, I jump at the chance. Thanks to Sarah at Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. make this happens. Please welcome RL Stine!

D: As the author of over 330 books for children, and three thrillers for adults, there is no doubt that you are a ThrillerMaster! What does this title entail for this year’s ThrillerFest VI?

I'm very honored to be singled out for this award. It means a lot to me to be recognized by other thriller writers, especially since I admire and read so many of them.

D: What is your involvement with the ThrillerFest sponsors, International Thriller Writers?

I've been a member of ITW almost since the beginning of the organization. It's given me a chance to meet and make friends with many authors. And it allows me to talk and give advice to beginning authors who wish to write for young people—and to appear in panel discussions on all kinds of topics of interest to authors and readers.

D: Had you always assumed you’d become a writer?

Yes. I started writing when I was nine. Not sure why I thought it was so interesting. I was a weird kid, just stayed in my room typing stories and joke books. I think I knew when I was nine that I wanted to be a writer.

D: You’ve been drawn to both horror fiction and humor – penning numerous joke books and humor magazines – is there a correlation between the two genres?

I think there's a very close connection. When I go to a scary movie or read a scary book, I never get frightened. They always make me laugh. I write horror the same way you write jokes—a series of punchlines. And of course I use humor a lot in Goosebumps to keep the books from getting too intense for kids.

D: Some authors are very habitual in the way that they write – do you have any idiosyncrasies you’d like to share?

I'm pretty much a writing machine. I can write anywhere. I treat it as a job. I'm usually at my computer by 9 or 10 in the morning, and I don't get up until I've written ten pages. If I write ten pages a day, I can do a Goosebumps book in two weeks. But of course you have to count all the planning—and then lots of revising.

About the Author

R. L. Stine is the author of over 330 books for children. His Goosebumps, Fear Street, and other book series have sold nearly 400 million copies around the world, making him one of the best-selling children’s authors in history. Stine is a three-time winner of the Nickelodeon Children’s Choice Award and a recipient of the American Library Association Award.

Find him at: Website | ThrillerFest


  1. Omg, you interviewed R.L. Stine - author of Fear Street books! haha. I used to read his books, though not many of them, but I loved them. I usually tried to wait to read them at night, even better if it was raining. Just wanted to add to the drama. :)

    Great interview! It's interesting that he can churn out a Goosebump book in two weeks.

  2. Great interview! I used to love these books when I was younger!

  3. I can honestly contribute my daughter's love of reading to Stine. His were the first books she ever enjoyed and from there I was able to turn her on to other great YA books. Fantastic interview and thank you Mr. Stine for giving so much pleasure to not only my daughter, but many of my students too.

  4. I loved these books! Every saturday my mom and I would go to the bookstore and buy a new RL Stine book. ;) I did had nightmares when I read that book with that doll that came to live! SCARY. ;)


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