the thief lord by cornelia funke

Written by Darlyn At Saturday, December 19, 2009
My Review:

The Thief Lord is story of two brothers, recently orphaned, are runaways. Prosper, who is twelve years old, has brought five-year-old Bo to Venice from Hamburg to escape an aunt who wishes to adopt only the younger child. A small gang of homeless children living in an abandoned movie theater befriends them. Their benefactor is a mysterious masked youngster named Scipio who calls himself 'the thief lord'. His irregular visits provide them with clothing, shoes, and goods they can convert to cash for other necessities. Scipio brags of his thieving escapades and brings them precious objects they sell to a shady antique dealer. Even though Prosper is worried about their life of crime and his little brother’s growing admiration for Scipio, he is even more concerned about their Aunt Esther who believes they are in Venice and has hired a detective to find them.

I'm still reading it and i think the book is awesome. Can't wait to finish the book. I guess it is the beauty of being children. Lots of fun and very adventurous in every single way. Not just for young adults, i think Funke brings the story of a child inside all of us.

There is like another half to finish and i bet i can give her a credit.

My rating: 4/5


  1. I agree totally The Thief Lord is a wonderful book, there is some amazing writing out there for kids and YA.

  2. @ book pusher = yeah..i love this book..makes me drown with the excitement.. =p


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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