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Written by Darlyn At Monday, December 28, 2009
dictionaries are so important in my life..i have 5 dictionaries, including a thesaurus, 2 english dictionaries, a malay dictionary and an arabic dictionary..

and in these days, English dictionary and thesaurus are really a need for me, in every day of my life..i love to read, fictions (any genre), and also some of the non-fictions..and most of the books are in English..well, i'm not an English or any a citizen of which their mother tongue is English.. i'm a Malay girl (my mother tongue is Malay Language or "Bahasa Melayu") and have to admit, my English not really awesome or really that's is why i still need dictionary..and most of the time when i read books, i have to refer to the dictionary..because i sometime don't know the word's meaning..i know my list of vocabulary is not good.. but this way i can make it better (even keep referring to the dictionary kind of tiresome sometime) but doing this doesn't mean it's lame..right?

other than that, not because of story books that i love to read, but it's also about my master thesis writing..i depend on dictionary and thesaurus..although i'm Malaysian my thesis should be written in English ( most of Malaysian Universities do).. so it is compulsory and a must for me to have dictionary next to me in anytime..(i have a scientific dictionary for botany and botany glossaries too).

this is about my weakness here..i need dictionary because i want to understand better and sometime reading a lot easier than speaking..just to improve just as simple as that..

so, that's me..and another thing, reading other book's bloggers are really helping me out..and sometimes i use dictionary too whenever i want to find the meaning of the words..

it's not lame isn't it..?

i have two of oxford's..what's yours?


  1. it's no lame at all darlyn..
    it's sure kind of tiresome but keep on referring the dics in far more brilliant than keep on reading the thing that we don't understand at all..

  2. tq and yes,that's the reality..nobody is perfect enough..


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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