the chronicles of trellah: the perpetual rain by t.s. graham

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"The World's Toughest Book Critics" have weighed in, and it's high praise for Trellah! "An excellent choice for readers eager for a suspenseful, emotionally satisfying fantasy adventure." 
Kirkus Book Reviews 

The Chronicles of Trellah
Title: The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain
Author: T.S. Graham
Pages: 164
Rating: 4/5
Cover Rating: 2/5


Fourteen-year-old Sophina Murray will be the first to tell you: Bad luck comes in threes. First, her father is lost at sea. Then, the rains start . And don't stop. And finally, her little brother is taken from his bed by a monster straight from her worst nightmare. A glimpse into the parallel universe of Trellah - a land of giant trees, bizarre creatures, and a glowing red mineral with mystical properties - convinces Sophina that all may not be lost. But first, she'll have to survive in a hostile world where her darkest fears live and breathe. Trellah is an original and realistic fantasy for ages 12 to 112. Parental guidance suggested for advanced readers ages 10-11 for moderate elements of horror. 

My Say:
The book is full of imaginations. Maybe a little like Alice in Wonderland with a Fringe-ish kind of Twist. However, the book has the horror that I feel like it is well complimented the adventurous storyline. Apart of the adventure, the story started with mysteries. I know it sounds as if the book is complicated read, but trust me, the author did it well to make simple with words and full of emotions. Sophina, losing her father and a missing brother are very tough for a 14-year old girl to accept and face it alone. Of course, with no one to be with her, looking for her brother is the best way to avoid her from being lonely forever. And now I know why the author love Sophina the most (please read the interview below!). As I love Harry Potter and The Lords of the Ring, I love the magical things the author included in the book. Simple words to describe things in sentences made my imaginations easy. Even with simple words, not too much unneeded details, the characters in the books are actually quite well-developed. It has a progress which increased, at the right pace towards the ending. Until I reached the last page, I never thought the story is already ended. For a debut novel, I think T.S. Graham made his bid well.

Interview with the Author

What inspired you to write the book?
My family, without question. Having read countless bedtime stories to my five daughters, I decided it was time to spin them a tale from my own heart and mind.

Who is your favorite character in the book and why should we love him/her too?
For me it’s Sophina, because she is a combination of all five of my daughters. She is brave, loyal, stubborn, and there is no one else like her in this world or any other. When times get desperate, her mind gets sharper. I think that’s what most people look for in a hero.

Tell us why people should read your book?
If you’re looking for a fresh take on the YA fantasy genre, free of vampires, witches, werewolves, magic, and talking animals, then “The Chronicles of Trellah” may be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re obsessed with the status quo, then my book may be out of your comfort zone.

What books have most influenced your life?
For me it’s always been about Stephen King. He has the talent and education to write Pulitzer Prize winning works, but he chooses to thrill and entertain instead. He taught me to write for myself and my audience (in this case YA), and not to worry about what those who prefer works outside my genre think. A writer’s genre can change with each new book, but they always need to put their intended audience ahead of the big-time critic who might scoff at their creation.

What is the most recent book you read?
I have two girls under the age of 6, so it’s all about picture books at my house. The stories we revisit the most are “Where the Wild Things Are,” “The Napping House,” and anything by Dr. Seuss. I would love to write a children’s book someday. In many ways, I think it would be harder than writing a novel.

If you are not a writer, who would you be?
A scientist. It would be my job to find a safe, natural cure for folks who suffer from irrational stress. Seriously…. No matter how many times you ask certain people to take a deep breath and chill, it never seems to work. My wife and children are not included in this equation. They’re always chill. ;p

Any advice for young authors?
Always write for yourself first, your audience second, and… well, there is no third. That’s it.

About the Author 

T.S. Graham was born and raised in midcoast Maine. He has worked as a sea urchin diver, fish monger, home renovator, and in several group homes for children and adults with disabilities. His original screenplay, Stone's Point, written as Clint Elliott, has won multiple awards. He studied English Literature at the University of Southern Maine, where, despite developing a strong dislike of the traditional curriculum focused on old, dead (and boring) scribes, he somehow managed to graduate with honors. His greatest influences are writers like Stephen King and Michael Crichton, whose talents would have allowed them to write more literary fare, but they chose to thrill and entertain instead. He now lives on a horse farm with his beautiful wife and five daughters, two poodles, two cats, two happy turtles, four playful ferrets, three fish, a corn snake named "Tiger," dozens of chickens, and, of course, four awesome equines. The Chronicles of Trellah, Book One: The Perpetual Rain is his debut novel. 

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