lovesick by spencer seidel (arc)

Written by Darlyn At Monday, February 27, 2012
Title: Lovesick
Author: Spencer Seidel
Pages: 376
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary (from arc):


Late one night out on the Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland, Maine, the police discover an incoherent teenager sitting in a pool of blood, holding the body of his best friend and the murder weapon. The girl they both love has been missing for weeks. Dr. Lisa Boyers, forensic psychologist, receives a call from an old friend, a connection to her troubled past. Attorney Rudy Swaner wants her to interview the young killer, Paul Ducharme, who is claiming he doesn’t remember the events leading up to the murder.

In her jailhouse interviews, Lisa helps Paul to recover his memories. But Paul’s disturbing love story forces her to confront her own ugly, violent secrets. Lisa soon finds herself the focus of an over-zealous reporter and media hype that drags her unwilling into the spotlight and threatens to uncover secrets she’d rather not share.

My Two Cents:

I'm totally glad to have such a hope from the author. Since his debut novel; The Dead of Wynter, I knew the author is someone so promising with these kind of book genre.

Maybe the best part of his book is that they sound like a psycho books that will grab your attention real quickly with so many assumptions, doubts and feel like, " I knew it!". His style of writing does not differ much from The Dead of Wynter but I could tell that Lovesick consists like two parts of story. Either way, the book is still good. Psycho thrillers are the best because even though you like the story, you will at least felt that the book is violating your minds, but in a good way. You can't stop hating and loving the same the character at once! Other good part is that, reading the book also was like puzzling your mind to keep guessing what will happen next, and what's the ending would be. I think you can guess it right, it's very spot on, but tricky as well.

I have o complain for the book because I love it just the way he wrote it. You'll love it immensely once you start reading it too. I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: I received this review copy from publicist Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. for an exchange of a review. These are my honest review and receiving a copy in no way will ever reflected my review.


  1. I have never read a Psycho thriller! I will have to find this one and try out this genre!

  2. Love the book. This kind of book really makes me shudder!


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