on hiatus!

Written by Darlyn At Thursday, July 28, 2011
I know.

I am probably the worst book reviewer ever. It's been a month with nothing. Zero posting. Dusty and spider webs all around the corner. =(

I never know this would happen when you go out there, having a job.

I find myself not enough time to read for my own leasure now.

Everything is about targets, due dates, and worst, to conduct a project on your own.


But I will try to sort everything out nicely, without hurting myself of not having time to read!

I think I have the worst part too, I can't really visit other book bloggers and I'm like a frog under a coconut shell. I really miss you guys!

Everything is worst for me now. But I'll try, I'll try to make it okay. Wish me luck =)


  1. good luck! have some fun too!! Looking forward to you coming back!

  2. I hope everything will settle down for you soon. Good luck!

  3. We love ya and yes that real job world can take some getting used to. Take your time, it will balance out in no time flat :)


Thanks for the comments! XOXO ;p


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