a winter solstice celebration by didi lemay

Written by Darlyn At Sunday, November 21, 2010
Title: A Winter Solstice Celebration
Author: DiDi LeMay
Pages: 56
Rating: 4.5/5
Recommended Age: 7-12

Summary (Goodreads):

What adventures are waiting for Miya as she walks to the forest to feed the animals?

An angry squirrel, a gentle crow, and an intimidating owl are just some of the interesting characters Miya meets in the forest. The animals are concerned about the environmental impact the humans have on their forest. It's up to Miya to deliver this message to the villagers.

But can she be convincing enough?

While reading this beautifully illustrated story, children will be silently rooting for Miya as she tries to support her new animal friends. They will be so captivated by Miya's adventures, young readers will not realize they are learning lessons in helping others, standing up for their beliefs, conquering their fears, and caring for the environment.

My Thought:

First of all, when I've been contacted to review a children book, I was a little hesitating because of what if I'm not capable of reviewing or giving an opinion of a children book. But then I thought, I was once a kid myself, so I think I would know what a good book I will enjoy when I read when I was a kid.

Reading at the synopsis of the book, I was intrigued. Environmental impact is quite a big issue and I don't think I can explain very well to any kids or even little cousins that I have. Miya, the main character of the book, is very anxious and sensitive little girl. She cared about the animals and always try to help them by bringing food near at forest for every winter. However, once, when she met a squirrel, being angry at her and demanded her to leave. She wondered why she's not unwelcome to the forest anymore and once she found out with the help of an owl, she felt like she had to help them. She don't want to be a bad person and being disliked by the animals that she loves. A gentle crow encouraged her to be brave and being confident, as she wanted to change the perspective of the animals towards the human and likewise. Through her adventure, Miya got an idea how she could bring peace by bringing the village community and the forest dwellers. A new celebration of winter solstice as a new a tradition among the villagers.

I want to be like Miya. She believes in herself and try to make a change even if it is just a single and simple act of kindness. She will make children believes that with a little help and good action to help others, it will give a good impact through one's heart.

All in all, A Winter Solstice Celebration is a very informative, helps us to understand the environmental impact issues, how human and animals need each other and how environment are important to all the creatures in the world. Respect the mother nature too. Other than that, it teaches children how to be tolerable, be brave and confident of themselves, make peace and respect each other.

The story is very interesting, it has the ability to capture little kid's attention with colorful pictures and it's easy to understand the whole story. The ending also satisfying and I believe the children will satisfy how Miya and the animals like each other again.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy courtesy of Author DiDi Lemay for an exchange of fair review. Receiving a copy in no way will ever reflected my review and these are my honest review.

Note: The review also take part in Cym Lowell Book Review Party


  1. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing Darlyn..
    Love the idea to make change even with a simple act.. This book got a great value..=)

  2. Great review. The character sounds like a one I would love, and the environmental issue is a great theme.

  3. I don't think I've ever heard of a book written about the winter solstice - what a great idea and what a great review!

  4. It sounds like a good book! Environmental issues are so important.

    Great review!


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