dance while you can by susan lewis

Written by Darlyn At Thursday, September 02, 2010
Title: Dance While You Can
Author: Susan Lewis
Pages: 378
Rating: 3/5

Summary (Goodreads):

Elizabeth Sorrill, is the junior matron at Foxton’s elite School for Boys. Her attractions prove irresistible to Alexander Belmayne, the seventeen-year-old son of the Lord Chief Justice, but their passionate affair is short-lived as bitter lies and scandal force them apart. A chance meeting in London brings them together again, and their reunion leads to a breathtaking crime fired by an overwhelming obsession — a hatred so violent it knows no limits.

My Review:

This book contains so many melodramatic scenes. Whilst I'm enjoying reading it, I have a mix feeling about this and take a while to write a review about it. The plot line is okay but quite unrealistic sometimes. Like I said, too melodramatic.

A 21 years old girl falling in love with a 17 years old boy is something interesting, more over he's her student. Although it is hard to resist and deny their love, they manage to keep low and down until she's being accused as gypsy and prostitute from some fairground which risen Alexander's father who is a Chief of Justice. Well, devastated and furious, Alexander despised Elizabeth more than anything and dismissed her from Foxton's ground. Elizabeth did nothing to depend herself because she thought that was the best thing to end what she call a fling. But she regretted that Alexander would never meet his child.

Years later, married with someone else, Alexander still can't forget Elizabeth and being a playboy is the only thing he can do. While Elizabeth, married with a wealthy man, and live pretending to be happy with someone she can never love. Until finally they met each other, their love is kind of rekindled once again, secretly. Although it will never last that way, Elizabeth's husband died and her sister-in-law, Christine is furious because she knew that it's because of Elizabeth, her brother died, loveless. Christine set up to murder Elizabeth and takes everything that she thinks is hers, the wealth that left from her brother. It seems like Elizabeth and Alexander will never be able to be together.

The story is quite engaging and it really is melodramatic. And I think it has issues, committed adultery while one still married? That's a big issue. Apart from that, all the characters are well-developed and the story is very well-written. However, I must admit that it drives me really angry with Elizabeth. I thought it was mad. Can't she ever let go of her feeling for a while and love her husband instead of whining how she loves Alexander more than anything? The craziest part is when she is pregnant with Alexander's child while she's still married to Edward, and announced her pregnancy to her in-laws without knowing Edward has done a vasectomy years ago! Shocking! But Edward still except her and forgives her and adopted her children. For once, I thought, Elizabeth, you are such a b***h! No wonder Christine hates you and wanted to kill you! There, I said that.

I think it deserves to have 4.5 rating, but I gave only 3. I just hate the characters and I'm so furious with Elizabeth and Alexander that I'm being a bit bias. But really, it a good book actually.

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  1. an honest and great review as usual. This sound intriguing. looks like everything is in this book. Thrill, romance, conflict, love, family relationship, revenge etc. I thin k it's a great book. Thanks for sharing Darlyn. =)

  2. Oh, scandalous. That's so entertaining! But really, this sounds like a fun book to read. And if you liked it, it must be good! Great review, Darlyn.

  3. Blah, I hate when I get angry at characters cos then I don't wanna read the book

  4. thanks for the honest review, darlyn!!

    hmm, i think i'll pass on this one b/c it sounds too intense with the adultery and teacher/student thing and all. But it is interesting that's for sure.

  5. I love that you admitted to being bias. You rock. It takes courage to be honest. Thank you!

  6. I like engaging stories, but melodramatic - not so much. I'm not sure this is for me.

  7. Your honesty is refreshing and kudos for finishing it when you disliked the characters. I'll pass on the melodramatics too :)
    Thanks for the review!

  8. Glad you finished the book even though you didn't like the characters. Thanks for the honest review!


  9. Much more into well written characters than plots I think i'll give this one a miss. Thanks for an honest opinion.

  10. Loved your honesty. The synopsis does sound promising but I find constant melodrama a bore to read.

  11. I have just finished The Choice and the last couple of pages left me wondering who really dun it! Can you point me to the clues that I must have missed, please? I'm going to read it again soon. Great book!


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